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Wine Blog Atlas – Welcome to the World of Regionally focused blogs

Houston, we have lift off! The newest addition to the wine blogging universe is now ready to go – though, I’m sure, not without some problems. Bugs, critters and general miscues are apt to pop up in these first few days, not to mention the fact that I still need to figure out what to do with this entire project in general. Hence, it is my hope that you the community will help with this process. Any suggestions, ideas and general positive motivation is both welcomed and encouraged. According to the comments I received in the original post regarding the potential creation of Wine Blog Atlas, I think we might be onto something, but who really knows in a world […]

Wine Awards, Categories Without Contestants and the Birth of the Wine Blog Atlas

Tom Wark has just posted the results of the first ever American Wine Blog Awards. Here at Catavino, we would love to extend our congratulations to all winners and nominees and hope that this is just the first step towards making wine blogging a bit more recognized if not prestigous in the wine world as a whole. Wine blogging has come a long ways since we started here at Catavino. In fact, if you go to Alawine, you can do a specialized search on over 300+ wine blogs. Pretty impressive if you ask me! I, personally, subscribe to about approximately two dozen wine blogs along with a few food blogs thrown in for good measure. Though it wasn’t until today, […]

Parker’s loves Spain, or at least thinks we’re hot!

This week, Robert Parker made a statement in Business Week about Spanish wine: Spain’s 2004 and 2005 vintages Spain is the most fashionable wine producer in the world, and for good reason. Young Spanish winemakers respect their traditions but are also adopting practices from elsewhere that make for better and better wines. Nature lent a hand as well with two terrific vintages, 2004 and 2005. Titled, “The Good, The Bad, And The Overpriced” he lays out a list of winesthat are worthy of either praise or some serious criticism – fortunately, we fell into the first category! It’s most definitely worth a look at. Till soon, Ryan

Top Five Spanish Wine Retailers – UK

Just an FYI to our UK readers. Andrew over at Spittoon has posted a Top Five Spanish Retailers List ovet at UK Wines Online. If you have a favorite Spanish or Portuguese wine retailer that you trust, anywhere in the world, let us know in the comments section below. Also stay tuned to Catavino Radio as our next podcast I talk with one retailer in the US about Iberian wines.

About Us? – Wine bloggers to your blogs!

Today, I had a friend email me two links. The first was to an article in Techcrunch on a site called The second was to Catavino’s listing on Let’s just say that I was absolutely shocked to see all of my “Who is Catavino” information alongside our “About Us” text. At first, I wanted to believe that they had been nice enough to find my site and list it for its quality content. But alas, spiders and scrapers seem to have done the majority of the work. While there was nothing on the site that a person with a link to the “Whois” database couldn’t find, I still had to change some of the information that was impertinent […]

For the Love of Port #19 Newsletter is Out

This months FTLOP newsletter is out and below is the table of contents. Always a fun read and you can’t help but get wrapped up in Roy’s enthusiam for all things Port as you read along. If your not already a subscriber then you should change that and sign up! Also there is word of a whole new FTLOP website about to launch. I look forward to this as I head into Port season. In fact back in the states I have a few bottles of port that need to be opened. I just might have to head over to the Port wine forum to find out which ones people think will be ready to dive into! FTLOP’s Web Site […]

Scrügy – The World of Wine Released Daily – Reviewed

As many of you know, I typically check to see where hits to Catavino derive from, something that has become an incredibly fun and often intriguing pastime. Last week, this little diversion just so happened to land me on a site called Scrügy – a name which immediately makes me think of a cleaning implement more than a wine search engine. Although the name may leave you with a quizzical expression, I believe that the creator James Jory may be on to something here. Scrügy appears to be answering the Web 2.0 question as it applies to wine – how does one organize all the wine information on the web and feed it directly back to wine lovers? It’s a […]

Searching the Iberian Wine-o-Food-o-Sphere

So Google today just launched a new, yes I know this is redundant, project/tool/time waster for all of us to play with. Google Co-op is a chance for you to create a search tool that searches a defined group of sites, a particular subject or both. Basically it allows me to waste 30mins of my time going through the bookmarks of all of my favorite Iberian wine and food sites and cataloging them so that you can search their content for information. Ever need a good recipe fast for Paella? Want to know what Tempranillo is? How about finding a wine from an obscure Portuguese producer? Up until now you had Google and its 2,000,000,000 indexed pages to go through. […]

Tasting notes around the web

Ah the weather is getting chilly here in Catalunya. This morning I had to struggle to pull myself out of my deep sleep with the covers wrapped tight around me. I love this time of year because the air is crisp and fresh, the sky seems to be clearer than usual and I get to pull out my favorite sweaters and jackets from the top of the closet. The Rambla (or ‘central street’) here in Terrassa has Castaña stands lining it, where for 2 euros, you can warm your hands on a bag of freshly roasted chestnuts as you share them with your sweetheart. With this season also comes rain and richer foods. Last night, I made my first dark […]

Spanish Wine News and Other Personal Notes

I moonlight. On Wednesday, I was offered a wonderful experience teaching an Introductory Spanish Wine Class to a group of tourists from Maui, Hawaii! For two hours, we weaved our way through the Spanish wine regions of Catalunya, Rias Biaxas, Bierzo, Montsant, Priorat and La Rioja. And fortunately for me, not only did we taste some incredible wines, but the group was of equal caliber. We spent several hours after the formal class drinking, chatting and debating as to which wine we liked best. In the end, we all agreed that the best wine was the wine that made it to the end of the night with a glass of wine still remaining inside. Obviously I really enjoyed myself, realizing […]