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Culinary Podcast Network – Interview on Northern Spain

Last week I had the chance to take part in The Culinary Podcasts Network’s roundtable on the Food of Northern Spain. Chef Mark, myself and my good friends from Notes from Spain got together in a Skype interview to talk about the foods and wines of Northern Spain. We covered […]

Wine blogs We Like and a Few Others

Inspired by this post, I felt it was time to thank both the blogs that help inspire us at Catavino and blogs that give us good information everyday. Some of these blogs help send us traffic and some are just great resources when it comes to wines that don’t have […]

For the Love of Port Newsletter V3 Iss14

It’s arrived again. Roy Hersh has just released his latest issue of For the Love of Port Newsletter. Here’s the Table of Contents for this month: The Producers: A listing of Port companies and their websites Roy’s Tasting Note: 1991 Croft Vintage Port Port Website Recommendation: The Rare Wine Co. […]

Calling all 100 Varietal Club Members

Neat conversation going on over at the Mark Squires Bulletin Board. A member of their site posted a request for the translation of certain wine grapes into English. For example, Sauvignon Blanc translates into Savage White. I need to do some research to uncover a few lost translations myself, but […]

Flying Wine Writer – Explores Portugal’s best wines in 2005

Always a good read, the “Flying Wine Writer” recently posted what they thought were the best wines they tasted this year from Portugal. Looking at the line-up, you will find a few table wines but mainly reveiws of the incredible 2003 Vintage Ports! Head on over and check out their […]

New Wine Blog – The Pour by Eric Asimov

The New York Times jumps into the wine blog arena, and for their first article, they picked a Spanish wine! López de Heredia’s Rose from La Rioja is given a nice little write-up. Check it out and add another wine blog to your reading list! Read about this Spanish wine […]

100+ Varietals and Counting!

By now, everyone knows that I’m a sucker for an unknown varietal. Give me a wine with a grape whose name I’ve never heard of and I’m a happy man. Be it a Schiopettino from Italy or a Nergamoll from the Canaries, until I’ve tried it, I won’t be satisfied! […]

Basic Juice Talks about Pedro Ximenez

Beau over at Basic Juice has dug up some false history on the grape Pedro Ximenez. I’ve heard the same story before and still don’t haven’t found anyone with the finally chapter to lay all the speculation aside. Oh well, it also includes a nice tasting note on a Spanish […]

For the Love of Port Newsletter – February 2006

It’s out, the new For the Love of Port Newsletter. Our friend Roy Hersh‘s informative monthly newsletter just ended up in my mailbox. If you don’t know what this means, it means that your not receiving the latest news on Port wine from around the world. As always an informative […]

Vinho Verde from Afros

I like to point out that we are not the only lone soldiers who are writing about Spanish and Portuguese wines. Andy over at Spittoon recently posted a couple of notes on some Vinho Verde samples he received. I think it’s worth checking out! Read about Spittoon’s tastings of Vinho […]