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Mega Purple – I had to join the debate

This morning, I was reminded of the, as of late, hotly debated subject about MEGA PURPLE, by Alder of Vinography. It all started with a wine thread over at the eRobertParker’s bulletin board. At it’s root, it comes down to the “ethical” question as to whether or not it’s ok […]

Back in Madrid soon!

We’ve been in Norway for the past two weeks, and plan on being back in Madrid on Saturday with new and exciting articles to follow. However, to give you something to think about while we are in the frozen fjords, check out this announcement I received today from Roy Hersh. […]

Spanish Wine Harvest Estimates

The other day I found this article: “Estimations of Vintage“, in Spanish, at the site of the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Enólogos. Unfortunately it was all in Spanish, so after some struggle and with a little help from a friend, I am proud to offer part one of three […]