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Catavino keeps you current not only with the remarkable wine developments in Spain and Portugal, two of the most dynamic wine producers on the planet, but you'll learn about food trends, new dishes and restaurants and the ancient and modern cultures on the Iberian Peninsula. And you may not notice it, but Catavino also happens to be one of smoothest designed websites you'll have the pleasure of visiting.
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‘Spainovino’, the sequel (an update)

Great conversation going on over at the Parker BB. It turns out that the filmmaker of Mondovino is coming to Spain to interview some winemakers, all except Victor de la Serna who refused an interview with him. It is an interesting story to follow along with considering the influence Victor […]

When to uncork an 82-year-old port

An interesting little article as far as content, though the best part for me is hearing from the expert of “port”, Roy Hersh who has previously been interviewed on this site. Check out Roy’s Port wine advice here.

Mega Purple – I had to join the debate

This morning, I was reminded of the, as of late, hotly debated subject about MEGA PURPLE, by Alder of Vinography. It all started with a wine thread over at the eRobertParker’s bulletin board. At it’s root, it comes down to the “ethical” question as to whether or not it’s ok […]

Back in Madrid soon!

We’ve been in Norway for the past two weeks, and plan on being back in Madrid on Saturday with new and exciting articles to follow. However, to give you something to think about while we are in the frozen fjords, check out this announcement I received today from Roy Hersh. […]

Bucko’s New Releases

Bucko’s New Releases – Check out Bucko’s new recommendations including a whole bunch of Spanish and Portuguese wines for the holidays. Read them all here.

New Portuguese Brand stresses Region not Country

This popped up in my google alerts today. Turns out Sogrape wants to focus on region and not on country with its new wine: Callabriga Interesting thought and I wonder if they can pull it off. In someways, I hope so as I see most people not even thinking about anything […]

Spanish Wine Harvest Estimates

The other day I found this article: “Estimations of Vintage“, in Spanish, at the site of the Federación Española de Asociaciones de Enólogos. Unfortunately it was all in Spanish, so after some struggle and with a little help from a friend, I am proud to offer part one of three […]

Spittoon – Rioja In Retail Tasting

Just a quick find I wanted to make sure you all have a chance to check out. Andy over at [>] was able to make it to the recent Rioja in Retail wine tasting held in London. I point this out because he has posted some great tasting notes that […]

The Red Wine Haiku Review: RED WINE HAIKU

I can’t resist, this page is great. Lane Steinberg has made a page of Redwine haikus in strict 5-7-5 syllable format. The only reason I’m taking the time to post this here, is because there seems to be a good amount of Spanish wines reviewed. 87)Borsao Tres Picos Garnacha 2003 […]