Wine 2.0 – Marketing | Catavino - Part 3
Catavino keeps you current not only with the remarkable wine developments in Spain and Portugal, two of the most dynamic wine producers on the planet, but you'll learn about food trends, new dishes and restaurants and the ancient and modern cultures on the Iberian Peninsula. And you may not notice it, but Catavino also happens to be one of smoothest designed websites you'll have the pleasure of visiting.
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Wine Blogging in 2007, How Far have We Come?

In 2005, I honestly didn’t think this blog would ever have the staying power and reach that it’s shown today. In the past year, we’ve seen a huge leap in both traffic and attention paid to Catavino. What began with only a few hundred visitors a month has now grown […]

Marketing in a Web 2.0 world and the power of Google

We get a lot of wine samples, being that we are the only English speaking site, that I know of, covering Spanish and Portuguese wine. At times, it’s daunting to judge a wine, or winery, by our palates alone. We have no delusions of having Robert Parker like influence on […]

Old Wine Media – Poo Pooing New Wine Tools?

Decanter published this story last month about the relatively new wine website Snooth. “A new online wine service hopes to become the world’s busiest cyber wine recommendations site by cashing in on the Facebook phenomenon”, is how the article began. Great start, and personally, I was excited to see them […]

Iberian News from Around the Web

Here’s a quickie of what being talked about around the web on Spanish and Portuguese wine: Edward Deitch at MSNBC has jumped ship, conceding that even the cheapy’s from big wineries such as Marqués de Riscal can be both unique and tasty. I admit that I’ve fallen into that boat […]

Assumption is the Mother of all ****ups! – Winery Marketing 101

The title of the post is one of my favorite sayings. We’ve all heard the phrase muttered, “Well I assumed…” followed by a, “but I never thought this would happen…”. For Gabriella and I, the title of this post, tends to be the deciding factor when we get into an […]

Twitter/Jaiku – Does the wine world need them?

I use Twitter and Jaiku. Why should you care? I’m not sure, but I do know that these small little social applications have me hooked. I really like them. The idea being that with both Twitter and Jaiku you can post 140 character comments about anything, anytime, and from any […]

Community Tasting Notes and The Wineries Who Need them?

Approximately a month ago, Gabriella contacted all the major community tasting note sites to see whether anything had changed since Adler’s scathing review of their “worth” approximately a year ago. Had they grown to encompass more users? Had the overall notes increased in their quality? Had the problem of creating […]