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Wine Blog Wednesday? Remember me? It’s Time for WBW #70: SPAIN!

On July 27th, 2004, well before wineries were cognizant that the internet existed, Lenn Thompson of the New York Cork Report launched Wine Blog Wednesday, becoming one of the longest running online wine events. The very first WBW was titled, “Inexpensive New World Merlot that is not from the United States“, […]

WBW #48 Back to Your Roots – Thanks Lenn for 4 Years of Fun!

Today marks the 48th edition of Wine Blog Wednesday, an event that Lenn probably didn’t even realize would last so long, or have so much success, upon its inception. Four years later, this internet meme has become a staple of any wine blogger’s monthly posting schedule. It is also an […]

WBW 45 – Old World Reisling

Today, I have a treat for myself. I need a treat. It’s been one of those weeks that leaves you wondering why you even bother going to bed, since you’ll be up at back at work the minute you wake up again. Recently, my days have started to feel drawn […]

Wine Blog Wednesday #43 – Comfort Wines

At this moment, Gabriella and I are traveling in Oporto, Portugal. Some may be jealous, muttering under their breath that we have a “rough life”, as we bound from one location to the next; but truth be told, it’s harder work than you think. Just to give context, we just […]

WBW #42: Italian Red in 7 Words

Please bear with us as we’re making a little detour from Spanish and Portuguese wine to bring you another Wine Blog Wednesday entry. Spittoon is hosting WBW #42 with the eccentric caveat that all entries must describe an Italian red wine in exactly, seven words. Now although Italy is not […]

Wine Blog Wednesday – Casa de Santar – Part 2

The four wines we lined up on our dining room table were paired with a traditional Portuguese dish called, Portuguese Porco Alentejana. The result was, as always, delicious. I loved how the tender bits of pork and crunchy cubed potatoes married perfectly with the smoky paprika broth. I especially liked […]