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What Did I Learn from My Spanish Wine Certification Course?

In the beginning of June, when our eyes were all glazed from dreams of days spent lounging along the coast, drinking a glass of cava, Catavino announced an opportunity for 8 bloggers across the USA to attend a Certified Spanish Wine Course for free. Taught by the Wine Academy of Spain, this 3 day course was an incredible opportunity for any wine lover to receive a crash course in Spanish wine by learning about: its vast indigenous grapes; its numerous and varied wine appellations; its eclectic styles ranging from bone dry to sweet, dark purple to pale yellow in color, and heavily structured to light and fresh in the mouth; its long and dramatic history, its delicious and ample gastronomy, […]

Countdown to Catavino’s 10 Day USA Tour – WBC Meets EWBC

In exactly 10 days, we will be heading to New York City, followed by San Francisco and back to NYC for a 10 day immersion into the American wine blog culture. What does this mean? Having lived and breathed Europe for the past 5 years, we’ve only met less than a dozen American wine bloggers, despite the fact that we are not only American bloggers, but that much of our readership is from the USA. Yet, our conversations and meetings have remained in the virtual world, far from a handshake, the sound of someone’s laughter or the experience of sharing physical space. Consequently, we’ve decided to change this, heading west as a result of the generous sponsorship of the EWBC […]

Winners for the Spanish Wine Certification Course Are…

Although we may have “eluded” to the fact that we were going to choose a single winner for each city the Certified Spanish Wine Course will be held, we’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and thanks to the gracious offer from The Wine Academy of Spain we are able to offer all those who submitted an entry a chance to take the course! Which means, that each one of these fabulous winners will given a 3 day course jam-packed with information on Spanish wine for free! What’s so great about this scenario is that the information they’ll be given will only be the icing on the cake, because all of these winners are either head-over-heels in love with […]

Spanish Wine Certification Sponsorship Status, Rias Baixes Goes Web 2.0, Sherry Gets Some Lovin’

The Spanish Wine Certification Course For those of you living in a cave, far far away from the gruelsome summer heat, “surviving” on those cases of Spanish wine you’ve respectably stashed away for nutrients, we’ve had a rather amazing opportunity for bloggers eager to get a little brush up on their Spanish wine knowledge that you may have missed out on. Starting on June 12th, the Wine Academy of Spain began its 2009-2010 USA tour. And per our suggestion, they’ve very generiously offered to give 1 free registration to each of the 12 courses being offered across the USA, including: Houston, Chicago, Boston, new Haven, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Cleveland, Washington DC and New York. Each course allows […]

London Food and Wine Bloggers Meet-up was a Huge Success

Did you know that food and wine go together?! Astounding revelation, I know. But this question is more poignant than you might imagine. If you live in the USA, it is not uncommon to go out for “drinks”, which may not incorporate a lick of food. However, here in Iberia, it is rare that I’ve ever had a glass of wine among natives, outside of a wine tasting, without some bit of food. In Spain and Portugal, wine is food – plain and simple. And if I could ration a guess, I would assume that this same theory could extend to much of Europe as well. So you would logically jump to the conclusion that wine lovers would automatically hang […]

Wine Blogs Under the Microscope: Request Everyone to Participate in this Survey!

Although wine blogging is not a new endeavor, it is one that is lacking in thorough, meticulous research. Despite the fact that several wine bloggers, including ourselves, have attempted to gather information on the wine blogging community, these surveys cannot be chalked up to thorough and objective scientific research. The surveys were our best attempt to have a rudimentary understanding of both who we are as wine bloggers and the people who read them. Tracy Rickman, a Consumer Research doctoral candidate at Auburn University is dedicating her dissertation to wine blogs as an information source. Today she comes to us with a very simple request, please fill out her survey on wine blogs to help her further her research. Her […]

Wine Blogger Dinner! and Wine Blogger Conference!

On Tuesday, the 11th of March, there is a blogger dinner scheduled in downtown Barcelona. Bodegas Tintoralba, a large cooperative located in Almansa Spain, is sponsoring a dinner for bloggers of any make and model. Regardless if your passion is food, wine or travel, you are more than welcome to RSVP either here or here to inform us if you’ll be around. For those of you not familiar with the tasting schedule in Spain, the blogger dinner will be on the same week as the gigantic wine and food fair: Alimentaria. If you’re a blogger, we encourage you to sign up as press and attend, even if it’s only for one day. It’s a great opportunity to taste and explore […]

European Wine Blogger Conference 2008

Last year, we chatted about the idea of having a wine blogger conference in the Wine Blogger Facebook group. Ideas we’re thrown about and plans tentatively put into place. The consensus at the time, as far as I could tell, is that we need to have a conference, and that we can’t wait to participate. But from the looks of it, not much else was decided. Fast forward to today. Robert McIntosh of the blog The Wine Conversation who also works to promote Rioja wines in the UK, and I have talked on and off for a few months trying to figure out how we can arrange to meet up. Due to the holidays, and many other inconveniences, we haven’t […]’s Future

Here’s the latest incarnation of the list of blogs. So far, we’re over 100 strong and growing, even though I know there are several sites not listed on here. If you are one of the sites listed and notice one that we’ve missed, please let us know asap, and we’ll get it up there as fast as we can. So skim the list and then I have a few comments and questions for all of you. Catavino · Winecast · LENNDEVOURS · Vinography · DrVino · The Cork Board · Grape Thinking · Wannabe Wino · The Calwineries Blog · Wilf’s Wine Press · Good Wine Under $20 · Tinto y Blanco · Grape Juice · Gollywinedrops · Jamie […]