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Catavino in Santa Rosa, California at American Wine Bloggers Conference 2009

Editor’s note: Due to poor wireless connections, although this post was intended for yesterday morning, we weren’t able to get it up until today.   We’re currently writing you at 6am in the morning from El Jefe’s HQ, from Twisted Oak Winery, with two of baby kittens romping around our bedroom with a mission to destroy anything in their paths. And despite their clearly malicious intent, with those gigantic clear blue eyes, short soft downy fur and incapacity to walk in  straight line without tripping or running head first into a wall, we have to admit, Iggy and Stiggy are insanely adorable, and a wonderful way to wake up after 3 insane days of fun.   For those of you […]

SITT Tasting in London and an Interview with Jamie Goode from the Wine Anorak

Yesterday, Ryan and I had the incredible opportunity of attending the SITT Tasting, also commonly known as the Speciality Importers Trade Tasting at the famed Vinopolis. Built around a Victorian Railway Viaduct, Vinopolis is situated at the world famous Borough Food Market in the bustling Bankside area, just a stone’s throw away from London Bridge station. The tasting itself is a business to business event, allowing small importers to showcase their wines to journalists, retailers, distributors, etc. Consequently, the wines featured are very unique, small production wines that are generally very hard to come by. And for two Iberian based wine journalists to taste unique grapes from Chile, rare blends from New Zealand and even old favourites from the Port […]

Enopata – A Wine Lover’s Treasure in the Heart of Valencia

Located just off Plaza de la Reina in the Gothic section of the city of Valencia, snuggled within the tiny courtyard of La Plaza del Arzobispo sits Enopata – a two month old restaurant devoted exclusively to wine. On the first night of our three day trip to Valencia this past weekend, our hope was to discover a fun and wine centered location where a group of wine bloggers could gather to share our passion and stories about wine. And although none of us had either visited or heard much about Enopata, we banked on the sage advice of Joantxo Llantada, the Regional Tourism Director of Valencia, that this restaurant was worthy of impressing even the most knowledgeable of wine […]