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Where in the World is Catavino?

Editor’s note: Due to connectivity problems, this was supposed to be posted yesterday. Currently, we are floating approximately 2 miles off the coast of Baiona in the northwestern coast of Spain. The water is slightly undulating under our ship with a gentle breeze sweeping off the shore, making our floating office pure heaven to experience. One can’t complain when your days are spent exploring one of the 14 natural parks in Spain called the “Islas Cíes“, meandering through the ancient cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, seeing the internationally renowned Guggenheim at 8am just as the morning light streams technicolored rays across its perfectly curved steel, or floating with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand just off the coast of […]

Catavino Hits the High Seas: Wine and Kayaking Anyone?

When I was child, living along the beautiful and haunting shores of Lake Michigan, I fondly remember spending many an evening curled in bed with sandy sheets. As the light crept over the horizon, spreading its delicate orange radiance across our sweet smelling garden, my dearest friend Sarah and I would fiercely peddle our dirt bikes up Sheridan Road to the Winnetka Beach Club. From early morning to mid afternoon, our days were spent rigging and unrigging our sleek little Sunfishes, eager to feel our bodies soar over the water at, what we considered, break-neck speeds. Mind you, these wee little sailboats in Europe are considered the training wheels for toddlers interested in learning the very basic rules of the […]

How Time and a Little Perseverance Can Lead to Cheap and Successful Wine Education

Last night, we had a rare opportunity to pour 9 very unique Spanish wines all made from the Bobal grape for approximately 80 people. The wines were: Bodegas Finca Ardal Ocho Cuerdas 2005, Pagos del Molino Fusión de Bobal 2005, Pagos del Molino Arras de Bobal 2004, Finca Sandoval Signo 2007, Bodegas Vereda Real Bobalia Roble 2005, Bodegas Vera de Estenas Casa Don Angel 2005, Pago de Tharsys Unico (100% Bobal Sparkling wine), Pago de Tharsys Bobal 2005 Mind you, this event was completely organized through social media in order to bring awareness to a grape that was traditionally considered impossible to drink. But over time, Bobal’s bull head shape historically only attractive farmers who saw its inner beauty, eventually grabbed […]

Valencia Land of Wine – Free Chapter: Casa del Pinar (DO Utiel-Requena)

Editor’s Note: This is the 2nd chapter we are publishing of  Valencia Land of Wine (see 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th chapter). Articles are written by Joan C. Martin, and translated by John Maher. Each story is straight from the pages of El Pais’s Valencian edition that highlights an aspect of Valencian wine history through the story of one wine. If you are enjoying the stories, you might consider buying a copy with this link:Valencia Land of Wine. Sanfir: Lady Syrah, England Made Me Casa del Pinar, Los Cojos (DO Utiel-Requena) English weather has not made historically for good wine – Tacitus wrote of the inclement autumns, “The sky is overcast with continual rain and cloud, but the cold […]

Native Spanish Grape, Bobal: Free Screening of Documentary and Tasting in Barcelona & NYC

On September 16th, Catavino will be hosting a free screening of Zev’s film at Citilab Cornella in Barcelona at 7-9pm. The documentary by Zev Robinson will be followed by a Bobal tasting presented by Alex Duran, the founder of Sommelier Alumni, in conjunction with a live Twitter tasting. To register for the event, go HERE. We haven’t known Zev for very long, but he’s an individual that steals your heart the minute you hear his slow and deliberate cadence sharing his passion for not only his videos, but for Spain as a culture and a historical wine country. Zev has produced a documentary on the native grape Bobal, which takes you on a journey through the rustic vineyards of Utiel-Requena […]

Favorite Wine Experiences of the Summer: Share Your Priceless Moments!

Whenever I’m asked, “What was your favorite….”, I end up looking a bit starry eyed, clueless as to how I can answer the question sincerely. Life is compilation of experiences, both good and bad, and to narrow down your rich treasured moments to a single point in time is both daunting and elusive to me. However, far be it for me to hold back on an experience that touched both Ryan and I this summer. One of our favorite experiences was visiting DO Montsant to partake in a tasting of approximately 80 wines, most of which were both surprising and distinct in character. Having visited the region on several occasions, focusing most of our attention on the Priorat, our knowledge […]

Top 5 Wine Tourism Tips Iberia Can Learn from American Wine Producers

Last week, we had spent the better part of a 6 days touring wineries on both the west and east coast of the United States. And during this time, we had a very unique opportunity to see how Americans create and manage wine tourism programs in order to promote not only their own wines, but the wines of the entire region. As many of you know, although we adore the wines of both Spain and Portugal, we feel that effective wine tourism is one of the greatest areas lacking in Iberia. From wineries that won’t pick up the phone or return an emails to small, family run wineries who close their door to visitors, making it close to impossible for […]

Catavino Leaves San Francisco and Heads to New York: The Last Leg of our American Tour

Sitting in the San Francisco airport, I’m feeling a warm, content feeling inside my belly, similar to the one I get when sitting next to a roaring fire as the rain pelts the windows outside, or when I put a project to bed just as the morning light pools through my office window. This trip, despite the initial upset in travel plans, has become a warmhearted adventure filled with perfect coincidences and incredible fortune. Just when we feared we wouldn’t find a ride, a room or an individual, help always appeared. In San Francisco, when we lost our ride to Twisted Oak winery, Oscar Quevedo pulls up to the airport in his flaming golden orange rental car with two empty […]

Planeta Vino: A Unique Multilingual Spanish Wine School in Madrid

Way back in the day, when Ryan and I were living in Madrid, we had befriended Mary O’Conners, director and co-owner of Planeta Vino. Tall, sassy and determined, she’s an ex American Air Force officer that imbues a  presence not to be recognized with, especially when it comes to Spanish wine. Mary is WSET certified and is a member of both the Union Española de Catadores (Spanish Wine-tasting Association) and the American Society of Wine Educators. She and her husband, Miguel, became fast friends, people for whom we could share not only our passion for wine and food, but also as Americans with businesses dedicated to Spanish wine. And trust me, there aren’t many of us in Spain. Today, Planeta […]

Ready, Set, Go…NY, SF, NY…A Whirlwind of Fun!

As you read this, we’re most likely struggling to get comfortable in our cramped Delta seats, eating bland airline food, while on our way to NY. Well, correction, Ryan is grumbling in his beer, while Gabriella is stretched out lengthwise basking in the roominess of her seat. Clearly genetics has served her well for international flights! Arriving in 7 hours (2am NYC time), blurry eyed and dizzy, we’re hoping to sail through customs and land in our beds, crashed out, no later than 4am. If we’re really lucky, we’ll get 6 more hours of sleep before the alarm goes off and demands our bushy tailed and bright-eyed selves to welcome the city with open arms! We then dash off to […]