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Question for our Readers: What Wines Should We Write About?

We are in a very unique position here at Catavino. Although we taste a considerable amount of wine, we are tasting it at its source. Put another way, many times, when we purchase a wine at a shop, or visit a winery, the wines are not available to many of our readers. And while we taste a lot of internationally exported wines, they are only a small fraction of what we try. Hence, the question remains, what should we write about? We’ve generally stopped reviewing specific wines, choosing instead to focus on the culture and history that revolve around those wines. This approach has appeared to be popular as our numbers continue to rise, but we feel that as a wine […]

Barcelona: Which Wineries You Can Visit By Train

Quite often, we receive requests from people visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon or Oporto, as to which wineries they can visit by train, taxi or foot. Our responses have commonly been, “Good question! And to be quite honest, I don’t know!” Well, maybe Oporto is the exception, as you have a plethora you can get to, but the rest are rather iffy at best. As mentioned in several articles on Catavino, enotourism in Iberia is rather primitive at best. Very few wineries even allow visits, less have someone speaking anything other than their regional language, and just a handful will actually go out of their way to make your transportation to their winery convenient and easy. That said, we decided to […]