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Catavino Heads to DO Montsant for Another Regional Report!

What is a regional report? Well, it’s as detailed and comprehensive as your yearly physical, only a hell of a lot more fun! We create a website dedicated to a specific region and pack it full of information. Articles you’ll encounter generally include: typical grape varietals, winemaking trends, interviews with winemakers, tasting notes, culinary history and tradition, places to stay and enough photos to create your own coffee table book. In short, our intention is to answer any and all questions you have on a given region. And as the title of this post has already disclosed, we’re heading to DO Montsant this Thursday where we’ll spend 3 days and 2 nights visiting approximately a dozen+ bodegas, a half dozen […]

Informative and Effective Codes on Wine Lables in Spain

A few months ago, we shared a crazy idea with you to use the QRcode on winery labels so as to provide more information to the consumer. Two of Catavino Marketing’s clients are now using this technology; and today, we want to refer you to the very first, as far as we know, Spanish winery jumping onboard. Cingles Blaus, a winery located in the Montsant region of Spain, has with the cooperation of, developed a wine label where the code takes precedence. The label, with “The gateway to more wine culture” printed on the side of the bottle, is a stylish version of a data matrix code in black and red. It is proudly displayed on the side of […]

Who is Your Vote for the Susan Boyle of the Wine World?

For those of you living under a rock for the past week,  you may have no idea what I’m talking about, so a quick bit of background info before I begin. There is a television show called, Britains Got Talent, where individuals get up on stage and attempt to impress a bunch of snarky judges with their given “talent”. Each of the three judges then decides the contestant’s fate with either a “yes”, continue onto the next round, or “no”, keep your day job. Each year, there are a generally a few surprise contestants, along with a bunch of overly viewed YouTube videos. But this year, the shocker to the entire world was a woman named, Susan Boyle. Frumpy is […]

European Wine Bloggers Conference, 2009 – Lisbon, Portugal – Could We Be Any Prouder?

At this point, you all know that Gabriella and I love Iberia. Our new home, while challenging at times when trying to understand particular norm or custom, is nonetheless deeply tied to who we are now. For this reason, we are ecstatic…no, excited…no, Exhuberantastically stoked to be announcing that this year’s EWBC will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on October 30th to November 1st. We first experienced Europe up close and personal 6 years ago when we took our very first cab ride from the Lisbon airport to our B&B. And from the moment we stepped off the tarmac, we completely fell in love! We spent 3 weeks wandering Portugal, and although Lisbon made a considerable impression upon us, we […]

Catavino Tasting Portuguese Wines in Oporto at Essencia do Vinho

If you’ve been following us on Twitter (Catavino), you’re most likely savvy to the fact that we’re enjoying ourselves in the historic Palacio da Bolsa, while judging wines from across Portugal. This morning, with approximately 20 other judges, we tasted 10 whites from the 2007 vintage, 27 reds and 5 ports from the 2006 vintage. All the wines were previously rated 17 (whites) or 17.5 (reds) points or higher from an independent panel assembled by Blue Wine Magazine and then presented to us for the final tasting. What was the overall take on the tasting? Well…we’ll have to leave you in suspense for a future post, but needless to say, we think you’ll be very interested in the results. More […]

Bodegas Tradicion: Keeping the Best Traditions Alive

Editors Note: Our Correspondent Justin Roberts had the chance to do something both Gabriella and I wish we could have. Living in Jerez, he made a quick trip over to Bodegas Tradicion to give you a bit more background on this intersting winery that we talked about a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy. You don’t usually find an art gallery inside a sherry bodega, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Bodegas Tradicion. In 1998 this small bodega was set up by a Spanish property magnate and in a special gallery alongside the sherry he likes to rotate part of his large collection of paintings. On the day I visited these included the striking oil on copper called “Bandolero Torero” […]

Spanish Wine Tasting, Part 2: A Welcoming, Friendly Affair in Valencia

Recently, I told you about the first Spanish wine tasting that I attended here in Valencia.  It was a great chance to try out my Spanish wine vocabulary and sink my teeth into the mildly daunting experience of the learning curve of tasting terminology in my second language.  I count that event as a tremendously enjoyable success. And once you get a taste, can you stop?  I can’t. The second tasting This one was held at a local wine store come wine distributor here in Valencia, called Las Añadas de España, also selling fine cheeses and cured meats. Katie and I had been tipped off about the tasting by a friend and decided to leave Oscar (nearly three) at school […]

We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You: A Spanish Winery Thinking Outside the Box!

Twitter is indispensable. If you think it is not, then you are either not on it, or just to stubborn to admit that crazy ideas that are hard to understand can still be valuable. Today I saw this: Xarop: Me ha llegado el vino por cortesia de Loogic y Bodegas Vihuecas – In english: The wine has arrived courtsey of the Loogic and Bodegas Vihuecas. This caught my attention, since I know Bodegas Vihuecas from their very poorly and uninteresting blog. When they announced they would be blogging last year, I quickly added them to our list, but sadly, that fire has faded. That mentioned their awareness that things need to get done differently, and for this, I applaud […]

Where is the Future of Wine Tourism Heading? A Summary of The Wine Pleasures Conference

Waking up Saturday morning in Sitges for the Wine Pleasures Conference, I shuffled into the hotel bathroom to take a shower. Feeling rather groggy from staying up half the night listening to the wind howling against the windows, water spraying up against our second story windows, I assumed that hot water would clear the senses and prepare me for a jam packed conference weekend. However, just as conditioner was gently rinsed from my hair, I was left in the dark. Pitch blackness settled like a thick blanket around me in the windowless bathroom. What happened? The Wine Pleasures Conference kicked off in the midst of a massive wind storm that swept through Italy, France and Spain, leaving the hotel with […]

How to Reuse Old Oak Barrels While Practicing Sustainability

Although I am no John Radford, I’ve toured a few Iberian wineries in my day, and have always pondered if there was a sacred oak barrel cemetery for all those great wooden vats that have dedicated their lives to a wine’s evolution. For those of you that aren’t familiar with how a wooden barrel is made, allow me to give you a very brief intro. Let’s call it “Wine Barrel Making 101″. A large slab of wood is delicately cut into staves (the pieces you see in the picture to the right) and allowed to season in the bare elements over the course of 10-36 months, which allows the tannins from the wood to slowly leach out onto the ground […]