Xarel-lo | Catavino - Part 2
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The Mainstay of Cava Wine: Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel.lo

Well, we could begin with the obvious, bubbles! Bubbles are fun. They’re playful. And they make every occasion just a touch more festive and cheerful. Each time you’re poured a glass of Cava, you can’t help but find yourself entranced by their journey from the bottom to the top of […]

Agustí Torelló – Kripta , High End Spanish Cava

Whoever thought that such a delicate and ethereal cava could have a name like KRIPTA, which for me at least brings to mind visions of tomb and crypts and things. It seems like it should be so spooky, ominous, foreboding – but it’s not in the least, and actually the […]

Xarel.lo Classic 2006, Bodega Albet i Noya

After having powerful reds that knock you off your chair like a Tempranillo or a Garnacha, it was a pleasure to open up a bottle of white Xarel.lo that offered the perfect accompaniment to our meal: chicken gyros with an avocado tomato salsa and greek yogurt sauce. Bodega Albet i […]

2005 Miguel Torres S.A. Catalunya Nerola

2005 Miguel Torres S.A. Catalunya Nerola – Spain, Catalunya (12/7/2006)Xarel.lo/Grenacha BlancaFloral nose with pear and light peach notes. Nice medium acidity in the mouth with a crisp focus. Lightly creamy and fully dry the palate mimics the nose with fwhite flowers, peach and pear. Really a fun wine to drink […]

N.V. Giró Ribot Cava Paul Cheneau

N.V. Giró Ribot Cava Paul Cheneau – Spain, Catalunya, Cava (12/8/2006)Light golden color with med sized bubbles. Creamy citrus nose with yeast and light apple notes. Good acidity and a full mouthfeel that is round and well polished. Citrus, yeasty bread, some green apple and more, the finish is suprisingly […]

N.V. Giró Ribot Cava Avant

N.V. Giró Ribot Cava Avant – Spain, Catalunya, Cava (12/8/2006)50% Xarel.lo, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Macabeo, 10% ParelladaNice light gold color with fine bubbles. Cantelope nose with carmel, light wood, yeast and lemon confit. In the mouth this wine is silky with nice creaminess and rich complexity. Wood is evident but […]

2005 J. Miquel Jané Penedès Blanc de Blancs

2005 J. Miquel Jané Penedès Blanc de Blancs – Spain, Catalunya, Penedès (11/12/2006)Xarel.lo, Chardonnay, ParelladaSteely with hints of green in the color. Fleshy on the nose though a wound a bit tight. Showing eventually some pineapple, passion fruit, and light flowers. Full in the in the mouth with the Chardonnay […]

1996 Mestres Cava Brut Nature Millessimé

1996 Mestres Cava Brut Nature Millessimé – Spain, Cava (9/18/2006)Great wine, deeper in color than most showing golden(rich) and with super fine bubbles. The nose was pure lemon confit to me with hints of green peach, vanilla and light caramel. Might have been a bit oxidized. In the mouth it […]

Spanish Wine Grape Xarel.lo

Pronounciation: Za-rel-oh Synonyms: Xarello, Pansá High acid grape native to the Catalan region of Spain. Known for producing highly aromatic wines, it is one member of the trio of Cava grapes. Apricot and Citrus flavors are commonly associated with this grape and with it’s acidty it can make bright refreshing […]

N.V. Brianda de Aragón Cava Brut Nature Reserva

N.V. Brianda de Aragón Cava Brut Nature Reserva – Spain, Aragón, Cava (5/20/2006)Light greenish yellow tinge with small vibrant bubbles. Austere nose with a grassy metallic aroma which could be interpreted as minerally. Light honey flavor with strong overtones of slate and white flowers. I personally don’t find this wine […]