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Tasting note – Bajoz Tinta de Toro

Bajoz Tempranillo

I have to admit, I love wine that doesn’t make me think. Don’t get me wrong, deep powerful wines with austerity and a certain aloofness make me smile too. I do enjoy sitting down with other “geeks” and talking about malolactic fermentation, acid levels, tannin structure and yeast strains. But when it comes to sitting down after a long day of work nothing beats having a wine that simply tastes good. Last night I had a wine like that: Bajoz, Tinta de Toro (synonym for Tempranillo), Crianza. Recently D.O. Toro the region has been hot on my radar as new wine makers from this region start to produce wines that don’t cost an arm and a leg and that everyday wine lovers can get there hands on. Made famous by wines like Numanthia, this region, while small, is one of the up and comers on the international market place. Make sure to keep your eye out for wines from here, and stay tuned for a full story on this DO when I do an interview with a Toro winemaker in the coming weeks. Below are my notes on this wine,
Till soon, Ryan Opaz

  • 2000 Bajoz Toro Crianza – Spain, Castilla y León, Toro (10/27/2005)
    Purple core with reddish rim that is starting to brown slightly. Nose comes of as a bit austere at first and with time begins to show rich cherry fruit, vanilla, chocolate, and later on an earthy minerality. Medium acid and tannins with a mid length finish of 10 seconds or so. The palate is a straight forward wine that is not hard to enjoy. Minerals, cherry, light vanilla, wood, raspberry and later on a rich wet earth quality. In the end very easy to enjoy.

    3.5 grape