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Tempranillo Wine Competition

As if Tempranillo hasn’t gained enough notoriety through the rise and recognition of Rioja wines, it will now stand off against itself in the annual Tempranillo competition being held in Cologne Germany the 22nd through the 24th of May. With the support of Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and the acknowledgement of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, the Spanish Federation of Associations of Enologists (FEAE) has organized this International wine competition called, “Tempranillos al Mundo“. Their objective is to showcase not only the renowned grape variety Tempranillo, and its several other synonymies (the other names for which the Tempranillo goes by) – such as Tinta Roriz or Ull de Llebre, but also to award the producers who have shown the elaborated the absolute best from this variety.

According the website, the goals of the competition are:

  • To support the production of high quality wines based on Tempranillo.
  • To support the quality measures undertaken by Tempranillo producers throughout the world.
  • To showcase the diversity and richness of Tempranillo currently being made.
  • To encourage a quality approach in the organisation of qualitative wine competitions by improving tasters’ knowledge of Tempranillo.
  • To contribute with the popularization and the expansion of wine and its culture.

However, the price to compete is not cheap. For 180 Euros per sample, a producer must send in 6 bottles of their competing wine to Cologne by May 10th. Upon the start of the competition, each wine will be placed in one of 18 different categories. Within each category, the wines will be awarded to the top three producers based on a 100 point scale:

  • First Place: Great Golden Tempranillo 100 to 96 points
  • Second Place: Golden Tempranillo 95 to 88 points
  • Third Place: Silver Tempranillo 87 to 83 points

I, personally, am excited for this competition. Why? Living in Spain, Tempranillo wines can be found a dime a dozen, similar to California Chardonnays in the States – making it difficult to recognize the best from the decent. An international competition that brings in wines from countries such as Argentina, Chili, Uruguay, USA, Mexico, Australia, France, Greece, Italy, Morocco and South Africa allows for not only more diversity, but also recognition to fabulous producers who are rarely recognized next to the Rioja giants.

We will post the results of the competition when they come in, so stay tuned!

Gabriella Opaz

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