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Douro: A Portuguese Region Sprinkled with Pixie Dust

Purple Foot Club“I knew the routine. I knew the science; grapes are crushed more gently by human feet, yadda, yadda, yadda. I knew that the extraction of color was of utmost importance. I also knew that once finished, the grapes would end up in a tank, fermenting for a short time before being fortified so as to become the Port wine we all know and love. What surprised me, however, was the stickiness.”

The Nature of the Douro

Douro Valley Portugal“On its journey, the Douro river has carved a meandering path that is simply mesmerising from every viewpoint. The contours of the hills and valleys seems to dance in elegant patterns around each other. At first glance this view is an ode to Nature itself. But appearances can be deceptive.”


Portugal is a Small Package with Big Surprises

Quinta romaneira, Douro, Portugal“What these visits have revealed is that certain clichés are right on the money—some of the best gifts do come in small packages. So, it seems to me that’s it! Portugal is a small package STUFFED with diamonds, rubies and pearls; gems of all kinds that many of us are just (or still) discovering.”