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Thank You Sponsors! – La Rioja Turismo and Vibrant Rioja

Creative Commons License photo credit: b_d_solis

Blogging is an act of passion. This we know to be true. But at Catavino, we are trying to make it more than simply a heartfelt hobby, we want this to be our life and sole income. Now, some may call us insane – including ourselves on many occasion – but we anticipate that this pipe dream will one day become more viable and lucrative (or so we can dream). Of course, the main, and most logical, option is to gain income is through advertising. And while we’ve earned some small and insignificant amounts of Google Adsense income, this isn’t even a drop in the bucket of what will support us; hence, the need for bigger and better sponsors.

For the very first time this past month, we received from support from two sponsors that we are proud to announce: Vibrant Rioja and La Rioja Turisimo. Vibrant Rioja is a promotional campaign that is working to raise Rioja‘s presence in the mind of the American wine consumer through events, tasting and their blog, Blame it on Rioja. After having been in Rioja over the course of a week, we wish them all the success in the world, as this region is worthy of a serious campaign! Oh, and if you live in the US, you can sign up now for a chance to win some wine.

Our second sponsor, La Rioja Turismo, is the governing body in charge of promoting tourism in and around Rioja. Their website will give you invaluable information about what to experience if you want to visit La Rioja. We highly suggest you check them out. Just click either of the links you see in the side bar to visit either of their sites.

So thanks to both of our new sponsors, and if you want to sponsor us, send us an email to find out how! We would love to hear from you!


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