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Thank you Wine Bloggers, Rioja, and Fate – EWBC 2008 a Success Story

EWBC 2008 - The Crew!It’s 7pm and most of the wine bloggers are in cars, buses, planes or trains headed home. A few remain to have one last meal together tonight and share one last toast. I’m exhausted, and very happy. For those that don’t know, in many ways, this past weekend was the most important events in our almost 4 years of living in Spain. On a bit of a whim, Gabriella, our friend Robert, and I started this adventure with a post and a lot of ignorance. We wanted to meet with bloggers to talk in person, not online. Why? Because needed to know what it meant to be a wine blogger and thought that doing so one one one was the way to do it.

Despite my fears of possible disaster, and a few close calls, this weekend turned out to be incredible. Unbelievable! And most importantly, meaningful. I’m very tired, Gabriella is almost passed out. We still have more people to say goodbye to, and lots of extra bottles to drink! This weekend we have discussed topics diverse and far reaching; we have tasted some of the best wines Spain and Portugal have to offer; and we’ve eaten better than I could have hoped for. So much great food eaten and with excellent company.

This next week, we’ll tell you some of the stories, and we’ll share some of our ideas. We hope that all those who were there will join in as we begin to explain what happened. Sorry I can’t say more right now, but I’m a bit speechless. It feels good and from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you all for helping to make this an amazing weekend.

Something very special just happened in Rioja.



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