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Thanksgiving in Terrassa, Spain

Happy Thanksgiving

Being an ex-pat in Spain, we don’t have the luxury of a Thursday off to celebrate Turkey Day. We still wake up early, go to work, and have no contact with family other than a late afternoon phone call. Our turkey comes this Sunday, when a bunch of Barcelona ex-pats will assemble in a downtown apartment, and without the noise of a football game in the background, we’ll all taste through each person’s contribution to the holiday fare. Each year it is a load of fun and each year we make great memories from it.

So in the spirit of the holiday, we just want to send our thanks to all of you readers, fellow wine bloggers, parents and family members who’ve supported us for so long, and to all the ex-pats who will share the Sunday meal with us. Finally, we have to say thanks to any of you out there who might be pairing their turkey with a splash of Tempranillo or starting the day off right with a glass of Cava in hand. Oh, and anyone sipping on a glass of Sherry wine as you read this, we’re awarding you extra points!

Cheers to all and have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz