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Victor de la Serna

The Closing of a Fantastic Year

The New Year is right around the corner, and I hope that all of you are getting ready to spend it with good friends and great wine. 2005 was the first year of many for Catavino, and we’re looking forwards to an exciting 2006 – more articles on strange grapes, interviews with interesting people, and soon, a whole new web design for all of you to enjoy. However, in the meantime, allow me to recap this year’s interviews, so that if you missed one, you can go still gain some insight and wisdom from some of our wine gurus.

    • Roy Hersh is our first interview and a great one at that. I want to take the time to thank Roy for being our victim, ur I mean guest. His knowledge of Port and Madeira is loved and appreciated by all. Thanks Roy!
    • Christopher Cannan is the bringer of fine wines from around the world to your doorstep. Christopher was kind enough not only impart his history with wine, but also his philosophy regarding it.
    • Senor Arrufi of Altavin wines has been producing wines that equal the many coveted Priorat wines for half the price. Make sure you take a moment and check out the interview.
    • Eric LeVine of Cellartracker is a ingenious man for whom without his software, I would be clueless as to what is hidden in my cellar!
    • Bartholomew Broadbent of Broadbent wines is a savior to port and madeira lovers throughout America. Bartholomew not only holds his own next to his legendary father, but also has remained one of my favorite interviews for 2005.
    • Victor de la Serna was the last interview we conducted in 2005. Victor is not only one of the founders and writers for Elmundovino – a famous Spanish wine magazine, but also is the winemaker and owner of Finca Sandoval. This man has forgotten more about Spanish wine than I’ll ever know.

So that wraps it up! Our year has been both exciting and trying as we have maneuvered our way through cultural, linguistic and gastronomical adventures in order for you to get the information first hand. However, without your support and dedication as loyal readers, our site would never have happened. Therefore, from our wine glasses to yours, we wish you the absolute best for the coming year!

Till next year, Ryan and Gabriella Opaz