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The Other Side of – Social Media Evangelism

We love talking about Iberian wines. We also love the culture, foods and people that are involved with them. And for this very reason, we work hard to ensure that everyone knows about these treasures. How do we do this? We help wineries use tools like blogs, social networks and other internet “stuff” to better promote themselves. This leads to us traveling about speaking at conferences, working with wineries, and hosting events every year. One such event took place last month in London called, the London International Wine Fair.

While in the past, our wrap-up consisted of the wines we encountered. This year, we had a chance to do even more. We were offered the opportunity to host social media seminars on a 60 meter square stand! And we hope the results speak for themselves.

Tell us your thoughts! Do you see a direct impact of social media on the wine world? Are you a convert or yet to be converted?


Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

LIWF and The AccessZone Wrap Video from Ryan and Gabriella Opaz on Vimeo.

A look at what happened during the 18,19,20 of May in London at the Accesszone, and why social media is changing wine as we know it!


Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

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  • @andrerib

    The work you guys are doing in evangelizing social media will have an impact in the short and long term of wine online and offline. Thanks for such a great contribution!

    • ryan opaz

      thanks for the kind words…we're doing our best