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TN – Laurona and Clos Figuera’s Wines

Some of my loyal readers will no doubt remember my interview last year with the well known Christopher Cannan of Europvin. I mention this because at Alimentaria, I was able to talk with him again and taste through some of his wines – more specifically, the Spanish wines from his estate Laurona located in the Montsant region of Spain. I was also able to taste a few wines from his personal property in Clos Figuera  located in the Priorat region. Laurona is co-managed with the famous Spanish winemaker René Barbier of the famous Clos Mogador – possibly one of Spain’s greatest red wines.

For me, both sets of wines were everything you could hope for in their respective styles- rich, intense and full of complexity. After having just been to the Priorat region and having toured the area, I found it absolutely amazing how different the wines could be, considering that they are made within a very short distance of each other.

The Priorat wines you can typically spot from afar with their inky concentration of color and intoxicating aromas that seem to draw me in with ghostly fingers. On the other hand, the Montsant wines were somewhat lighter in color with a delicate, soft nature that felt a bit seductive – never quite giving up their full charm but leading me on and drawing me back to take another taste.

I have to admit to having not spitting all that I should have while tasting his wines at Alimentaria. In truth, I almost always do, but in this case I found that the wines I had before me deserved to be acknowledged for what they were, and experienced how they were meant to be.

Enjoy the notes…
Ryan Opaz

  • 2002 Europvin-Falset Montsant 6 Vinyes de Laurona – Spain, Catalunya, Tarragona, Montsant (3/13/2006)
    Deep clear red in color. The nose shows toasted oak, red fruits, and pepper. In the mouth fine thick tannins and a strong acidity balance each other well. Great raspberry flavors with black pepper, and minerals.

3.5 grape

  • 2002 Europvin-Falset Montsant Laurona – Spain, Catalunya, Tarragona, Montsant (3/13/2006)
    Rich clear red color. The nose shows anise, vanilla, wood, ripe fresh cherries. It has a high acidity with fine tannins apparent in the back palate. Flavors of raspberry, pepper and rich mineral flavors throughout.

3.5 grape


  • 2003 Clos Figueres Priorat – Spain, Catalunya, Priorat (3/13/2006)
    Deep reddish purple in the glass with a nose that shows dusty earth, anise, tar and mineral laden dark fruit. Deep and powerful with huge tannins thick and dense. The palate is awash with black fruit, anise, chocolate, minerals, tar, cherries…earth….and more. Really the finish is close to a minute. Great wine,

4.5 grape

  • 2003 Europvin-Falset Montsant 6 Vinyes de Laurona – Spain, Catalunya, Tarragona, Montsant (3/13/2006)
    Deep dark red, very intense in the glass. The nose shows a fruit background with oak, pepper, and vanilla overtones. Creamy in the mouth with a lush fruit palate, anise, black raspberries, and more. This is a great wine with tannins and acid to go for another 5-10 yrs.

4.5 grape

  • 2003 Europvin-Falset Montsant Laurona – Spain, Catalunya, Tarragona, Montsant (3/13/2006)
    Rich red color, clear and brilliant. The nose shows chocolate, anise, and fresh cherries. Dense in the mouth with medium weight tannins. The acidity is high and helps to keep this wine fresh as flavors of fresh raspberries and vanilla oak round out the palate.

4 grape

  • 2004 Clos Figueres Priorat Font de la Figuera – Spain, Catalunya, Priorat (3/13/2006)
    Deep rich purple in color. The nose is of raisiny earth, black fruit, and rich spice on the nose. The palate is dense and intense with firm but fine tannins. Flavors of chocolate, anise, black raspberry, plum, prunes and clove all come wrapped in a rich earthy blanket. Fun wine

4 grape