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Top 5 Romantic Spanish and Portuguese Wines

Romantic Iberian WinesValentine’s Day is once again upon us; a day for which some ignore, some rebel against, and some embrace for fear of reprisal. However, there are those that actually like this intensely guilt ridden and consumer frenzied day, regardless of its flaws, as they see it as an opportunity to be ever so sweet and loving to one’s honey. Fine dinner, fresh bouquets of flowers, and of course, fine wines grace their table.

For those of you who fall into the latter category, adoring the everything embodying the 14th of February, what are the truly “romantic”, and dare we say, sexy wines of Iberia? What wines are guaranteed heart stoppers when wooing that special someone? (Flickr photo by kalandrakas)

We have compiled a list of what we consider are romantic and heart warming wines, wines that will make your loved one feel as if they are center of your universe:

  1. Cava – Bubbles are fun! They tickle the palate, sparkle like gems and merry beautifully with either food or simply by themselves. Plus you can obtain high quality Cavas without breaking the bank, leaving you just enough money to get her a dozen big, soft, satiny roses!
  2. Port – We know that some feel that chocolate and Port are fair weather friends. To those of you who fall in this camp, we say, “Great! more chocolate for us!” Dark rich, black as night, a few squares paired with a rich unctous LBV, or a 20yr tawny, is heavenly.
  3. PX – Pedro Ximenez is a wine that many feel is an acquired taste. Viscous and rich, it makes honeybees waver in their enthusiasm to partake in its syrupy sweetness. However, old PX will make your head spin. And poured over homemade vanilla bean icecream will make your lover’s knees buckle in delight! That said, PX might equally taste sumptuous if drizzled….
  4. Moscatel de Setúbal – We adore sweet Moscatels from the Portuguese peninsula of Setúbal. Floral and unctuous, they have a miraculous way of appealing to the female sweet tooth. Savor it alone or enjoy it with the intensely strong Portuguese cheese, Serra da Estrela.
  5. Madeira – Although we rarely partake in a glass of Madeira, purely out of circumstance, Madeira can not only make some incredible desserts, but can also be perfectly savored on its own. Smokey, rich and ever so sweet, we might suggest paring it with a roaring fire, candles and Fado.

If you have any suggestions on what other Iberian wines induce romance and wooing, PLEASE share your sultry thoughts and wine/food suggestions in the comments below.  In an age of fast food meals and online shopping, there is absolutely something to be said for taking your sweet time to share your love and adoration to that special someone.

To Sweet Moments,

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

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  • AndreaInWine

    Great article! Totally agree with the suggestions, I'm craving a good PX now! :p But might I add with the Cava for a Portuguese sparkling, how about their Tinto Espumante? It's bubbly with that romantic color oh la la ;) Also, the other great Portuguese chocolate pairing is Ginja de Obidos poured into little dark chocolate cups or Chocolate Ginja as itself. Hey wait, I already wrote about those! So I guess people can just check out my story archive on them, sweet :p

  • Bill

    A shout out from Minnetonka on Saint Valentine's Day! Enjoyed the prose very much. Por moi, grilled lobster with tarragon-mustard aioli and an '05 Pur Sang were the table d'hot. Calcots and Salmon seem like a nice combo as well.

  • Dylan

    I fall under the category that believes every day is a chance to show someone you care, Valentine's day is just one of those days that gives you an excuse to go big with it. That said, I really enjoyed the post and the selections you put thought into. They are excellent choices for the day, but ultimately, it's never been much about what's being shared as who it's being shared with. Cheers.

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