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Their success; their ability to effectively communicate about spanish and portuguese wine; their energy to grow and create dynamic, authentic and extraordinary services have attracted hundreds of thousands of iberian wine lovers from around the world.
Joan Gómez Pallarès

Let us plan your custom trip to Portugal and Spain

Ryan, Gabriella and Mica hanging out in the Douro Valley.

In 2005, Ryan and Gabriella Opaz packed their bags and moved to Spain based on a dream – to buy a vineyard and live the cinematic European lifestyle. And though the romantic vineyard didn’t come into fruition, they chose the next best thing, to share their Spanish and Portuguese wine, food and cultural experiences through

Today, this dynamic American couple lives in Porto with their 2 year old son, hosting luxurious, custom designed gourmet experiences throughout Portugal and Spain.

“This trip was incredible. The team at Catavino put together a love letter to Porto and the Douro and allowed us to share it with them.” – Bill Bennett, 2015 Harvest Tour

Why you should book with us

  • Our expertise is exclusively in Spain and Portugal.
  • Our team is fluent in English, which includes both our chauffeurs and guides.
  • Your experience is customized to your specific needs. We take every detail into consideration to ensure your vacation is flawless.
  • Our mission is to ensure that you leave not only satisfied, but eager to book with us again.

Our 2015 Harvest Tour enjoying a glass of 20 year tawny at Quinta do Seixo in the Douro

“It’s not easy to plan a wine trip, especially for a group that expects a high level of wine communication, education, and experience. Ryan Opaz and the team at Catavino exceeded all expectations in my first visit to the Douro. The knowledge base they represented, the contacts they have, and the professionalism they exhibited is of the highest caliber. Beyond that, and possibly most importantly, Ryan was simply a blast to travel with.” – Jason Kallsen, Twin Cities Wine Education LLC

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