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Porto: Food & Wine Tours

Porto WIne and Food ToursIf there is a word to coin Porto, it is charming. Despite its recent tourism boom, Porto still holds tight to its heritage. Located along the Douro river estuary in northern Portugal, Porto is one of the oldest European cities, easily recognized by its looming cathedrals, azulejo (tile) covered buildings and vast network of narrow, cobblestone roads that gently curve down the steep embankment into the river. Its age and preservation have created such a fan base that it was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. This a city for explorers, those who bask in finding the character and personality of a city through it vibrant architecture, stunning gastronomy, and clearly, wine.

Here at Catavino, we’re prone to boast of a city’s food and wine culture, especially when it’s spectacular. Here in Porto, with the help of a enthusiastic foodie guide, you’ll experience plenty of unique ingredients to tantalize your appetite, such as: octopus, tripas à modo do Porto – tripe cooked with dried beans, vegetables, pigs’ trotters and offal and served with rice – and francesinhas, bread topped with steak, sausage and cheese and a beer-flavoured sauce. Fish and seafood are wonderfully fresh. Sardines – sardinhas – are the big local catch, traditionally served with boiled potatoes and grilled red peppers, and also mackerel of various kinds. But there’s a huge variety of other fish and seafood, some of it farmed along the Atlantic coast. And of course, pastries! Portugal is renowned for its cafes serving fresh, gooey and delicious pastries that can paired with a quick bica (espresso), let our guides help you discover the absolute best local jaunts!

As for wine, there is no shortage of bars, cafes, and of course, port lodges to experience a wide range of both dry and fortified Portuguese wines. However, rather than roam aimlessly, why not have a wine loving guide to get you into once-in-a-lifetime tastings, either at the undiscovered lodges of the Vila Nova de Gaia district or by whisking you off on day trips to nearby wine regions, like the Douro Valley, to truly experience the heart and soul of Portuguese wine. From port producing vineyards that make Tawny, Colheita and Vintage ports to crisp Vinho Verdes in the lush northern highlands, one cannot leave disappointed. Most excursions include rustic lunches, either homemade or in an authentic Oporto restaurant.

Below find our current list of recommended food and wine activities and excursions to be enjoyed in and around Porto.


Porto Food Tour

The Porto Food Tour is a private guided walking tour in Porto, consisting of seven tasting locations from Bolhão to Vitória to help immerse your sense in all things Porto. It’s an incredible opportunity to meander the cobblestone streets that wind along the Douro river, chock full of quaint shops, family restaurants, ancient architecture, and of course, outstanding gastronomy. With a personable, engaging and friendly guide by your side, this is not a tour to miss!

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