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Gerês National Park Hiking Tour

Geres BridgeWhen coming to a new country, there is nothing more exotic and exciting than getting lost in nature. It’s the one place where you can truly say, “I’ve been there!” and know that you’ve smelled the earth, touched the rocks and tasted the air. Nature is not the same everywhere, which is why we’re elated to bring you to our home in Geres National Park!

Tour Description

Our tours aim for authenticity. You’ll have the opportunity to lunch among the locals, speak with farmers and shepherds, and break bread with traditional bakers. You’ll have access to natural, unspoiled treasures, dive in crystal clear waters, hike beautiful mountains and revel in the only Portuguese National Park. Join us on a 4×4 tour in the wilderness, and experience things that simple words cannot describe.

Itinerary / Schedule

Sample tour:

  • Pick up at the hotel at 8.30AM
  • Explore Peneda-Gerês National Park in a 4X4 jeep
  • Hike to the “Tahiti” Waterfalls where you’ll swim in crystal clear waters
  • Discover the hidden village of “Ermida”
  • Enjoy a Traditional Portuguese lunch with seasonal foods
  • Hike to the “Blue Well” where you can relax in the natural mountain springs or jump off cliffs!
  • Viewpoint of the entire valley at “Pedra Bela”
  • Drop off at the hotel around 8.00 PM

Tour Includes:

  • Guide
  • Transportation and Assistance
  • Personal Insurance
  • A password will be given to you to access the photos / videos of the tour.

Does not include:

  • Hiking Equipment such as trekking poles, backpacks or boots
  • Personal expenses.

The Tour Provider

Gerês National Park is a Portuguese treasure, the only National Park in Portugal, which has been our second home our entire lives. We (Carla and Sergio) are a husband and wife team and have always wanted to share these 702 sq km filled with wild horses, megalithic tombs and clear springs with others, but in a way that respects both the people who live here and the surrounding nature.



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