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Barcelona Romantic Gourmet Tour

Barcelona RomanceBarcelona is an international, cosmopolitan city that blurs the lines between quaint Mediterranean port and modern, bustling metropolis. The life style of a vacation by the sea in Barcelona is sublime, with the important things coming first—food, fun, and relaxation. Find pleasure and balance between the constant stimuli of the urban landscape and the delight of discovering ancient secrets around every cobble-stoned corner. The heart of the city is small and best seen on foot, and as you walk hand in hand along avenues that have seen over two millennia of romance—among flower stalls and medieval archways—you too will surely carve your own, lasting moment into the history of Barcelona. Fore this is a city that vibrates with countless love stories and majestic visages of mighty empires come and gone.

Tour Description

The tour starts off with an intimate look at the inside workings of the famous Boqueria; one of the most internationally-regarded fresh markets in the world. Accompany your chef in purchasing the beautiful fruits, vegetables, and seafood that you will soon be masterfully preparing, while learning about the generations of vendors and the multitude of colorful products that make city’s oldest market a true, kaleidoscopic wonder. See the market through the eyes of a local culinary professional and discern the finest Iberian ham, freshest fish, ripest tomatoes, most delicate olives, tastiest wild mushrooms, and deeply aromatic spices. Stop off for a light, traditional Spanish breakfast of flaky pastry and rich espresso before leaving the market for a relaxing stroll through the narrow streets of old Barcelona that will inspire your inner gourmand.

Before cooking your Spanish lunch, visit one of Europe’s oldest dry good and sundry shops, bursting with roasted nuts still warm from the fire, dried fruits, and dark coffees before taking a seat at the city’s most impressive bodega and specialty shop to whet your appetite with a tasting of local cheeses and unique wines.

With your fresh produce in hand, you’ll head to a cozy kitchen where you’ll cook a seasonal appetizer, traditional paella, and an authentic Catalan dessert (all to be enjoyed with more Spanish wine and a couple special bites along the way).

Itinerary / Schedule

10:00 pick up at your hotel by your private Spanish chef. Tour will last approximately 3 hours.

The Tour Provider

For this tour we’ve chosen a top-rated recreational cooking school on the Ramblas of Barcelona, specializing in classic Spanish cuisine, Catalan cuisine, and tapas.


Inquire about pricing

Included: Food, wine and private guide


Private Market Tour and Cooking Experience