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Barcelona Market Tour & Cooking Class

BoqueriaIt’s no wonder that Barcelona has become a gourmet food hub when considering its strategic position as not only a port city, but the main thoroughfare between the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. From Sicily to Paris, and as far as Morocco, Catalan cuisine has always had a unique historical capacity to incorporate the best of other culinary cultures. Present day Barcelona is a hotbed for innovative cuisine, drawing some of the best chefs from around the world to try out their culinary experiments. And far be it for you to miss out on a great opportunity to savor its mouthwatering gastronomic wonders!

Tour Description

Begin your day with a vivid, hands-on plunge into the culinary traditions of Spain with a market tour and cooking class! The first hour is spent weaving through the colorful stalls of the famous Boqueria Market where you will accompany your chef instructor in buying the fresh products for your day’s lesson. Vegetables bursting with flavor and dusted with dirt from nearby farms. Seafood of the highest caliber. Iberian jamón so rich and succulent that the delicate, hand-carved slices practically melt in your mouth. After the market tour you return to the beautiful teaching kitchen mere blocks away to cook four traditional Spanish dishes, including (for example): PaellaCrema Catalan, Spanish Omelet, and Cream of Chestnut soup with Wild Mushrooms. The menus change with the seasons and each class highlights the flavor of the classics with a touch of modernism, leaving you with a picture-perfect final meal to be shared among classmates. All food and unlimited wine included.

Itinerary / Schedule

Meeting at the cooking school at 10:00, we’ll quickly head out to the Boqueria Market to source our extremely fresh ingredients. Then from 11:00 to 13:15, you will cook four traditional dishes in a cooperative, hands-on format. The final 45 minutes of class is dedicated to enjoying the fruits of your labor with a refreshing glass of Albariño or Rioja Crianza.

The Tour Provider

For this tour we’ve chosen a top-rated recreational cooking school on the Ramblas of Barcelona, specializing in classic Spanish cuisine, Catalan cuisine, and tapas.


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Included: Food, wine and private guide