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Rioja: Food & Wine Tours

RiojaThere’s a distinct reason why Rioja is known as the premier wine region in Spain. Beyond its exceptional wines, the scenery is breathtaking. Blooming almond trees, rolling hills dotted with medieval villages, lush vineyards, all within the protective embrace of the Cantabrian Mountains. Words cannot fully describe the experience, especially when wandering into aromas of juicy lamb chops grilling over vine cuttings, nor the taste of freshly cured goat cheese drizzled with sweet herb scented honey. We’re talking foodie heaven!

Mind you Rioja is more than just food and wine, it’s architecture! This region has cultivated some of the most stunning and modern designs to have graced Spanish soils, such as the flamboyant Frank Gehry’s Marques de Riscal or the rolling valley mimicked in the roof of Bodega Ysios. And let’s not forget Dinastia Vivanco, which has created the foremost wine culture museum in the world. Beyond it’s incredible collection of 3,000 corkscrews, the museum showcases a wide range of historical and modern artifacts that have contributed to the production of wine.

Wine truly defines Rioja. It is the centerpiece of its culture and the driving pulse of the community. We at Catavino appreciate this life force, and are intimately familiar with not only the wineries, but the winemakers. Why not take a guided tour of cobweb laced cellars that use the very same methods of production as they did hundreds of years ago to ultra sleek wineries, where you can experience the entire gamut of flavors that grace Rioja’s vineyards. In between tastings, you will savor mouthwatering flavors such as “Patatas a la Riojana” (rustic potatoes with spicy Chorizo sausage), “Perdiz asada al Rioja Tinto” (roast partridge cooked in red wine) and as many tapas combinations as your imagination can conjure.

Unique experiences coming very soon. Meanwhile read on for more gastro tours and experiences in Spain