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Trouble in River Cities – Ribera del Duero’s Famous Wines maybe in Trouble

The river is the Duero and the cities stretch from Valladolid to Soria. The trouble consists of a newly proposed highway that has been approved. The current plan is to take the scenic N-122 and turn it into a full on highway which will both destroy vineyards and the region’s tranquility. If plan goes through as projected, it won’t matter how prestigious your wines are, you may still lose your vineyard. Take for instance Vega-Sicilia. It is perhaps one of Spain’s greatest wineries, who just so happens to have done more than most to raise Spain’s identity among international wine circles. Currently, they stand to lose 15-20 hectares of vineyards if the highway is built. Does this make sense? It’s taken a lot of work to make Spanish wine what it is today, and then we turn around and approve a decision to purposefully hurt those who have helped build it? Am I missing the logic here?

Fortunately, this issue is not being pushed through without a fight! To learn more about this project visit: Save the Duero

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