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Twitter Taste Live the Español Edition – Hosted with

ttl_logoYou may be wondering why we talk about Twitter all the time, and there are many moments when I wonder the same. But the fact still remains that Twitter matters, and in the wine world, we have a small tsunami of a movement occurring as we speak. In fact, while talking with some tech guys the other day, they commented on how Twitter felt swamped by wine people. If so, great! Events like Twitter Taste Live have definitely helped grow the event, and having been the first blog to participate in TTL back last July, we’re excited to also announce the first ever Spanish Twitter Taste Live! Best part too is that we’re co-hosting with our friends at If your a wine lover/professional, make sure to check out their site!

So what is this TTL and can non-Spanish speakers join in the fun? The answer to the first question is simple:

Now to the question of language! Fortunately, we know some pretty awesome Spanish language educators. Our friends Ben and Marina run the wonderful site: Notes in Spanish, where they teach people how to speak the language. Ben has promised to join in Friday night and offer some tips in both English and Spanish. Also Gabriella and I will be tweeting a bit in both languages to help bridge the gap.

So what do you need to do? Well, if you’re in Spain and can get a group of 10+  Bloggers/Twitters together, we’ll try to get you some samples to open up on that given night. If you’re in London, or the US, you can either DM @catavino and we’ll see if we can find a way to get you some wines. If not, you can alway buy the wines, or just follow along and see what we all think of them.

We truly hope you all can join us!

UPDATE: The Notes in Spanish PDF on helpful Spanish wine vocabulary and phrases is now available for download. You can download it here!


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