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Twitter/Jaiku – Does the wine world need them?

Twitter and Jaiku Tasting Notes

I use Twitter and Jaiku. Why should you care? I’m not sure, but I do know that these small little social applications have me hooked. I really like them. The idea being that with both Twitter and Jaiku you can post 140 character comments about anything, anytime, and from any location. Sounds dumb? It is! But guess what? The web, at one time, was considered dumb and thought to never be a legitimate place for “real” business to occur. So much for that theory. This post is mainly for this inbred group and others who might want to join in. So for everyone living online in the wine-geek-o-sphere, Twitter has been used for talking about everything from wine to Poker winnings. Basically, the conversation goes like this:

Catavino: 2004 ____Merlot $XX plum cherry, and spice, good with burgers!
WineloverX: @catavino where do I pick up that wine?
Catavino: @ Wineloverx I found it at Costco

Back and forth we go with people reading along and chiming in when they feel like it. A long time line of lifes minutia that to individuals seems of very little importance, but when experienced in the moment results in a series of mini highs as others interact with you in real time. To get a real feel for this, check out Twitter User Site. It’s mesmerizing, or depressing depend on your view of it.

I’m hear today to invite my fellow twitter(ers) to Jaiku. Why? In one word, Jaiku is BETTER. Not only can you import rss feeds to your personally stream, thereby aggregating the million and one web 2.0 outlets that I seem to have content flowing from nowadays, but you can also comment on each others posts with an actual comment form. Not to mention, you can use images in posts and linking is easier too.

Twitter is minimalism – Jaiku is Minimalism with interactivity! I say if we can all get going on Jaiku, the other benefit is that tasting notes posted there can be commented on, and maybe we can find a system for helping others find wines in the world at large.

I love Twitter, and the best part is that it provides feeds of my friends posts, so I can just follow Twitters on Jaiku if you choose not to leave Twitter and join me on the J-side. I, on the other hand, will be Jaiku(ing) away about wine, life, and whatever else I think of.


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