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Txarli says it’s Time to Check in with our Readers! What have you been Drinking?

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From time to time, we like to stop for a moment and check in with our readers. Lately, our readership has been soaring, in addition to a boatload of new RSS subscribers, which of course, makes our hearts warm and fuzzy. We hope that you’ve been enjoying what we’ve been creating. And fortunately, we’ve had a great time providing you with new information. However, we’re a little curious. With all of our talking, we haven’t taken a moment to listen to you.

So humor us. Tell us what you’ve been reaching for to quench your thirst for vino? Any Spanish wine treats or Portuguese wine delicacies? Is there something you’ve tried that was terrible? Amazing? Unexpected? Maybe you have a question or a request for a story that we’ve failed to cover. The Opai clan what to know.

Hey all you RSS subscribers, can you take 5 minutes and come visit us, say hi, and let us know that you’re human and not a robot? 🙂 With all these new faces, it’s nice for us to know what makes you tick, what you drink, and what made you want to peruse our site!

For our part, we promise to respond, and maybe even take up one of your article ideas as fodder for a future posting here. Catavino will be back soon. In fact, we promise to finally get out this Rioja report we keep talking about. You’ll understand the sweat pouring down our brows right now when you see what we’ve done. Hee hee, but we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Hey, why not add photos to your comment, if you have a picture lying around of the latest wine you tried? Here’s the code needed to make it happen: Or, if you use flickr, just paste the code in your comments and up it goes!


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