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Vibrant Rioja Tempranillo LIVE TASTING in New York on May 5, 2011

Are you a Rioja wine fanatic? Do you stay up late at night itching for that next bottle of vinous pleasure? If so, we have the event for you no matter where you are in the world!

This Thursday, May 5th Tempranillo will be featured at the Vibrant Rioja 3rd Annual Grand Tasting in New York! More than 350 Rioja wines will be highlighted at the event from over 70 importers.

According to Pablo Olay, the Vibrant Rioja Campaign Director, “Our 2011 Grand Tasting’s focus is on Tempranillo, a varietal that is increasingly popular in the U.S. because of its consummate versatility, high quality and pairing ability with a wide range of foods.” Though we at Catavino would never limit this statement to the Spanish grape, Tempranillo, we would wholeheartedly agree that there are many fine examples of Rioja wines that lend beautifully to various cuisines, and we encourage you to explore them.

The schedule is now live and online. Seminars will be led by wine educator Marnie Old, and will also feature Cristina Forner, owner of Marques de Caceres; Diego Pinilla, winemaker at Bodegas Bilbainas; and Rafael Vivanco, winemaker of Bodegas Dinastia Vivanco. Panelists will also include Paul Grieco, co-owner and Wine Director of Hearth Restaurant and the Terroir Wine Bars in New York; and Earl Jones, founder of TAPAS, the Tempranillo Advocates group in San Francisco. Note, the TAPAS group will also be hosting their International Tempranillo Day on September 1st. Stay tuned for more information.

If you can’t make the event in New York, then join the livestream at at 10:30am EST! Using the official Twitter event hashtag #RiojaBuzz, viewers can comment and tweet in their questions for the seminar panel, which will be answered during the Q&A session. Following the seminar, Wine for All Founder W.R. Tish will continue the live broadcast with interviews of attending winemakers and guests.

We’d love to know if you end up attending the event and what your impressions are. So please, drop a note here, we’ll be standing by!


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