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Vinoble 2010: Budget cut and out to tender

logo-vinoble-2008This has been going around the rumour mill for some time, but it’s now official. Vinoble, the biennial fair specialising in sweet and fortified wine, has been put out to tender by the Jerez town hall. This is the first time the contract for running this wine fair has been offered. Opus Wine, headed up by Spanish writer and wine critic, Carlos Delgado, has produced the fair every time since the first Vinoble in 1998.

Link to the story in Spanish here and more here.

What’s more, the budget for the fair has been almost halved to €157,000. This is a massive cut, but the 2008 Vinoble suffered from something similar, and the budget for earlier editions was as much as €2m. Pilar Sanchez, mayoress of Jerez, has promised the fair will remain as good as ever and that the same great companies and wines as previous years will be represented at Vinoble 2010. The same venue, the same set-up, so not much will change apparently, apart from more innovation. Sanchez defended putting the fair out to tender, saying that this may bring in new ideas with the advantage of better value for money.

So far there has been no reaction from Carlos Delgado and Opus Wine.

Let’s see if someone else can do this fair better on a pretty thin little budget.

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