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Vuelta de España: Through the Lens of Food and Wine

With helmets secured and gears oiled, 198 bicycle riders will push off from Sevilla on Saturday, August 28th, on a 3,352.6km journey that will last 21 days, ending in Madrid. This race, by our calculations, will take them through approximately 15 wine appellations in Spain, while passing by another 5-10 along the way.

For the past 3 years, we’ve wanted to follow them on their journey, documenting their unintended gastronomic route; and this year, we’ve decided it’s now or never! That’s right, over the next 21 days, we’ll take you on a journey alongside the hardworking bicyclists, as to the foods and wines they should be enjoying in route.

In 8 posts, we’ll cover: the terrain, gastronomy, wines, and of course, an update on the race, along with a list of articles where you can learn more. We’ve looked at the route and decided to break it down along these regions:

In return, we want you to share your thoughts along the way: Who are you rooting for? What do you want to know about these regions? And better yet, if you are from these areas, or living there now, please send us stories and pictures! Best picture sent to us of the Vuelta itself, will get a special prize in the mail!


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