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Wake up! Stupid Winery Marketing in Action!

Work Time Fun

I like the winery, so this will not be a tell all post. This post is only to show you that electronic media is not a strength in our Iberian home.

Today I received this email:

Dear Sirs, dear Partners, dear Friends,

Here are the last comments received from Stephen Tanzer:

90 points
xxxxxname of winexxxxxxxxxx

(A 50/50 blend of garnacha and carinena) Bright ruby.
Strongly mineral aromas of vibrant cherry, blackberry, graphite and cracked pepper.
Brisk and sharply focused, with racy cherry and mineral flavors and fine-grained tannins.
A clean, brisk wine that offers impressive clarity and energy for the money, finishing with lingering cherry skin character.

Let’s not talk right now about the stupidity of sending an email that directs me to the reviews and scores from someone else, when my job is to review and talk about wines. This doesn’t give me any new information, nor an idea of what your wine is worth. I like Tanzer, but I AM NOT GOING TO PUBLISH HIS REVIEWS! Surprisingly, that’s his job! 🙂

Now what is more interesting to me is what I found attached at the bottom of the email:

This message goes exclusively to its addressee and may contain privileged or confidential information. If the indicated addressee is not you, be notified that the use, spreading and/or copy without authorization are prohibited by law. If you have received this message by error, we request to immediately communicate it by this same mail and comes to its destruction.

So you just spent time sending me something that #1. I would not publish if you paid me, and #2. is a crime to tell anyone about it? WTF?

If you enjoyed this post, please let us know. We have several others up our sleeve if they tickle your fancy.


Ryan Opaz

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