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WBW 31 – Non-Traditional Packaging

We wanted to participate this month’s WBW, because we love the event, but sometimes, it is not possible. This month’s theme of untraditional packaging was one that we REALLY wanted in on, hoping to travel to a nearby vineyard where you can buy wine straight from the barrel and pour it into whatever container you bring with you. I’ve done this once or twice, and while at times the wine is only so-so, the experience is great and the wine usually pairs incredibly well with the local fare. Sadly though, this was not to be, though we’ll try to write about this part of Spanish life in a later article.

On the other hand, as far as boxed wines go, I do have to say that I used to love them. In fact, when I worked in the store back home we carried some tasty ones that we enjoyed from time to time. Here in Spain we’ve had an Osbourne wine from a box that we actually enjoyed very much, but can rarely find. Most Spaniards, when drinking wine with dinner wish to have a bottle on the table. In Spain, you rarely have a wine at home by yourself, but rather go out and have it at a bar with friends and strangers!

Yet there remains one boxed wine on every store shelf. One wine that is never not in a box, called Don Simon. Used to make Sangria, Kalimotxo, and Tinto de Verao. Thin, barely red with slightly sweet acidity, it will rarely, if ever, be found on the table when the dinner bell rings. No this is a wine for cooking, for mixing or for removing varnish from old buildings with. Below is the text taken from their website describing this beverage. Their English is sadly better than the product they talk about!


Wine produced from virgin must according to our strict craft patterns and packed with the latest micro-filtering techniques that allow preserving its full taste and aroma.

The top quality table wine to enjoy everyday.

This is why DON SIMÓN is Spain’s most selling WINE.

DON SIMON WINE is presented in the following formats: Brik 200 ML, Pure Pak 750 ML, 1 L Brik Slim, 1 L Bottle y 1.5 L Brik Slim. And chose from red, rosé or white.

So though I didn’t spring for a 60 centimos box of this beverage to taste, I can confidently say that it did not make Jay Miller’s write up on Spanish wines this past month. If your ever in Spain though, and you feel you need a bit of Sangria to cool down with, I guarantee that Don Simon will find it’s way into your day.

Cheers, and a Happy Wine Blog Wednesday to all(albiet a day late ;))