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We are hiring in Porto, Portugal

Catavino has 10 years of experience communicating about Spain and Portugal to Americans. RIGHT NOW we are looking to expand our business by making Catavino the best high end Iberian tour company we can be. To do this we need a talented self starter living in Portugal with a passion for: Tourism, Wine, Food and Travel. We are looking for HIGHLY MOTIVATED self starters to work for Catavino and it’s growing business, in our Porto office. This is a position for people eligible for the IFEP Internship, though if you are not, we may still have a position for you. 

The Job

We are looking for a full time(40hour) travel consultant to support our Tour Director. Your tasks would include helping to create itineraries for travelers from around the world coming to Portugal and Spain. This includes making and managing reservations, budgeting, research, and creation of proposal documents.  You also help with day to day accounting of tours and helping to manage inbound client services. This job requires a VERY high level of organization and attention to detail. Work hours can be flexible and some overtime will occasionally be required as you be on call from time to time when clients are in country. More details will be offered after your application is received.

What we want:

  • Self starters who don’t need to be told what to do next, people who seek out the next challenge
  • People who are working on their own projects right now as they look for a job
  • People who have examples of work they have done on their own
  • People with hobbies that focus on bettering themselves
  • People who think well on their feet
  • People with HIGH levels of organization – is your closet color coded?
  • People who take attention to detail seriously – Prove it by editing this page. 🙂
  • People VERY fluent (oral and written) in English and Portuguese (other languages would be a plus, Spanish is a huge asset!)
  • People who are curious and always trying to learn more
  • People who love puzzles and figuring out how to create order from chaos – planning a tour is like solving a puzzle!
  • Porto based 0r willing to relocate

What we DON’T want:

  • People who are waiting for the right job to come along
  • People whose resumé only has their grades from school listed on it
  • People who want to be told what to do next
  • People who are afraid to pick up a phone and call
  • People who are happy with “good enough”

If you think that you are the perfect person for this job, PROVE IT. Fill out the form below and convince us! DO NOT SEND US YOUR RESUME! Instead tell us why we need you. Why you are the only person right for this job. Why we can’t live without you. And give us examples of all the cool things that you do to better yourself. You will work harder than you ever have before, that is for sure. But you will never have more fun.

Benefits include:

  • Freedom to work how you like: We have an office, but we know sometimes it’s easier to work from your own space. We are very flexible. If the work gets done we are happy, end of story.
  • Travel both in Iberia and sometimes outside: Hey we need to sell ourselves, and meeting in person is important. Travel is the only way to do it.
  • We are not looking for a short term employee, we want people who are interested in tourism and want to be part of a growing team!
  • Lot’s of wine tasting and learning: We are a wine company, and who doesn’t love wine?
  • Free Education: If you need a skill for a job we need done, we’ll pay to have you learn it. Just convince us that it will benefit both of us and we’ll try to make it happen.

Oh and we know you speak Portuguese, no need to prove it. This is an international company, please fill out the survey in ENGLISH.