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We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You: A Spanish Winery Thinking Outside the Box!

vihucasTwitter is indispensable. If you think it is not, then you are either not on it, or just to stubborn to admit that crazy ideas that are hard to understand can still be valuable. Today I saw this:

Xarop: Me ha llegado el vino por cortesia de Loogic y Bodegas Vihuecas – http://tinyurl.com/dyzt8

In english: The wine has arrived courtsey of the Loogic and Bodegas Vihuecas.

This caught my attention, since I know Bodegas Vihuecas from their very poorly and uninteresting blog. When they announced they would be blogging last year, I quickly added them to our list, but sadly, that fire has faded. That mentioned their awareness that things need to get done differently, and for this, I applaud them.

Found on a section of their site titled, “te lo cambio”, is this text:

Sobrevivir a la crisis

Algunas veces es difícil, pero casi nunca es imposible.
Eso sí, nos exige ser creativos.
En algunos casos nos ha funcionado: vino por campañas de marketing, vino por alojamiento en un hotel, vino por servicios informáticos, vinos por…
nosotros tenemos vino y tú ¿qué tienes?

Si en tu negocio necesitas vino y no tienes liquidez para pagarlo, te lo cambiamos por tus productos o por tus servicios.

Haznos una propuesta, no te cortes. Si nos parece bien a ambos, haremos negocio. Si no, por lo menos nos conoceremos.

A brief and quick summary:

In short, they are saying that you need to be creative sometimes, inferring on ways to survive the “economic crisis“. And from time to time, they have traded wine for everything from things they needed from hotels to marketing services. Thus, they are trading wine, if you offer….x, or rather that which you have to offer. Hence, if you need some wine, they are up for a trade!

They are asking for you to make an offer, and if they like it, “let’s do biz”, as it were. If not, well, at least you’ll know each other better!

Now I’m not sure how much they will get in the way of offers, but so far, it shows they have at least 1 2 blog posts out of it – one of which doesn’t involve sending a drop of wine 🙂 Clearly, they are thinking outside the box, doing something different, and I applaud them.

Working here in Iberia, everyday we run into wineries who love what we are doing, companies ecstatic about working in new ways, but they are all so stuck in their current systems and thought processes that they never get anything done. Sad really, so many great stories to tell, great products to offer, and no one willing, at least in the food and wine industries, to do something different: to break out and risk failure, with the possibility of great gains.

Vihucas, I don’t know your wines. I really am sad about your blog. But I give you credit for your efforts at doing something out of the norm. I wish you all the success in the world, and I hope you find some good trades, while your at it.


Ryan Opaz

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