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Welcome to Catavino – Thanks for leaving a comment!

Thank you for leaving a comment! We are avid fans of feedback, and whenever someone feels inclined to give us their two-cents, we’re inspired to write more. So please, never hesitate to drop us a line at anytime to share your thoughts!

If this is your very first time visiting Catavino, please allow us to give you a brief tour -we’d offer you a glass of wine, but unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible 😉

So, who are these Catavino people?

If you look to your right, you’ll notice a very smiley pair of individuals? That’s us, Gabriella and Ryan Opaz! We’re the founders of Catavino, an educational website dedicated to the food, wine and culture of Iberia. However, we’re not alone. We have a small and lovely crew of correspondent writers that chime in with their experiences from all corners of the globe.

We’re also the founders of Catavino Marketing, which aims at supporting wineries to use the internet more effectively when marketing their wines.

As this may be your first time here, you may also want to know about a few key features on the website. For those of you visiting Iberia, we have two interactive Spanish and Portuguese maps listing unique restaurants, hotels and gourmet food and wine shop. Or, of your looking for something more permanent for your home, we also sell a comprehensive and detailed wall map of Iberia listing every wine appellation in Spain and Portugal. If you’re looking for a Spanish or Portuguese wine tasting in your area, check out our up-to-date Iberian wine calendar listing Spanish and Portuguese wine events around the world. Finally, we also have an extensive photo gallery displaying our many trips throughout the peninsula, as well as a video gallery, with exclusive interviews with winemakers, broad sweeps of vineyards and the occasional “how to” videos.

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But of course, we can’t do all this without your help. Much of our material for our Iberian wine calendar and our interactive maps are based on experiences from our readers. So if you would like to suggest an article for Catavino, suggest a hotel in Madrid, share a Spanish wine tasting in Quebec or simply say hello, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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We hope you enjoyed your tour and please don’t hesitate to drop in and say hello again soon!

Hasta Pronto!

Gabriella and Ryan Opaz