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What do Blog Readers want to Learn?


This post serves two purposes:

1) We want to assure everyone that the European Wine Blogger’s Conference is moving ahead at full steam. We have a wonderful group of diverse and interesting people coming together, along with some fantastic sponsors for whom we trust will make this event both practical and entertaining. However, for those of you still on the fence, please let us know ASAP if you can come! Additionally, for those of you already committed, we are interested in not only hearing what you think of our discussion topics, but also if you’tr interested in a trip to Portugal! After the conference in La Rioja, Spain, we’re working up an after-conference trip to Oporto to learn about port wine, visit some historical port houses, eat a vast amount of fabulous Portuguese food, and maybe, receive a personal tour of a cork factory. Needless to say, it will be a great time, and hopefully, absolutely free! We just need to know who can get away for a few extra days after the conference. So please, send us an email asap or leave a note in our forum. The sooner you inform us, the sooner we can plan our adventures to Portugal.

2)The second purpose of this post, and something that I hope we receive some feedback on, is to hear more from those of you not currently blogging. I know that we have a lot of readers who are on the fringe, thinking of starting their own blog or just interested in Iberian wine. Your perspective as a non-blogger is incredibly valuable, and one we need to take advantage of more often.

Hence, if you can take one moment to answer two very important questions, we’d be very appreciative:

  • What would you like to ask of, or tell to, a group of wine bloggers? Are there any discussions that you feel we should have in hopes of bettering our content? What are we doing right and what are we failing miserably at? We want to know directly from you, and I’m sure the conference attendees will love to discuss these topics at the conference. Remember, the only way we can improve is through your feedback!
  • How have wine blogs changed the way you choose wines, drink wines and think about wine? Assuming that wine blogs have aided you in your wine explorations, we’d like why and how they have helped you?

That’s all for now. We truly appreciate your time in helping us better our industry, and please know that our invitation to respond to these questions is extended to bloggers as well. We plan on discussing some of the responses both here and at the EWBC forums. So please stay tuned.

We hope everyone had a great weekend, and of course, enjoyed some nice bottles of wine!

Ryan Opaz