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Why do I Blog about Wine?


Dr Debs at Good Wines under $20 challenged me with a great question, “Why do I blog?”, and in all honesty, I’ve never actually considered the question for any length of time, until now.

So, why DO I blog? I blog because I love to write, primarily. I love the feel of the keyboard click-clacking under my fingers, while my thoughts come flying out of head – regardless if they make any sense. Writing for me is therapy, and to have the opportunity to speak directly to the public is incredible. It allows me to do what I love knowing that, unlike a book, I can connect with people both directly and without a middle man.

Immediately connecting with people is the second reason why I love blogging. One of Ryan’s favorite ways to describe is that, “if Gabriella encounters something living, she’ll want to give her heart and soul to it; but if it isn’t alive, she either lose it or forget it unless it is directly infront of her screaming her name”. He’s absolutely correct. Knowing that their are living breathing people out there reading what I write, or so I hope, is what gives this meaning to me. The additional benefit of having a potential dialogue is an even greater gift. Life is about communication and sharing, and blogging allows a fantastic medium to connect with others to form a community.

Learning, the third reason why I blog. What is the point of learning information if you can’t apply it directly? True learning is the ability to take in information, comprehend it, and finally, play with it outside of its given field. Therefore, if we consider the topic of wine, can I use everything I experience on a daily basis to aid me in how I approach wine and visa versa? Can I listen to a guitar solo and apply the experience to a Cabernet Sauvignon I had last night? Can I describe a Port by the colors I perceived in a Picasso? Can I eat German dumplings and find similarities in texture to a Chardonnay from Falset? Can I smell an orchid and have it remind me of a Gewürztraminer from Somontano? Blogging gives me a medium to share my everday experiences through one subject, wine.

Finally, personal growth. Communication is a bitch, and although females have a reputation for consistently “chatting” amongst ourselves, I doubt any of us can say that we have mastered the art. Therefore, blogging offers me the chance to improve a life skill that is priceless. What better way to have someone call you on your stuff while supporting your growth? If you look at Dr. Debs recent tasting note for 2005 Bonny Doon Vineyards Vin Gris de Cigare, you will notice several comments regarding her style of writing a tasting note. While some people found it fresh and interesting, others found it frustrating; yet, regardless of their position, they were willing to share their thoughts without hesitation. What this provides is an open door for personal growth. Without people sharing their thoughts with her, like we typically avoid in everyday life, she has the opportunity to either stay on with this style of writing or change it. Communication is key!

For me, blogging is a form of communication that is creating an entirely new type of community where regardless of age, gender, race, etc, one’s knowledge, wisdom and personality is valued over their image or power.

Thanks Dr. Debs for the great question and now I am passing off the torch the following people:

Tim Elliot from Winecast

Ben and Marina from Notes from Spain
Kelly Crull from Spain Dad


  • Dr. Debs

    Thanks Gabriella. What a fun post. It's interesting how many of us give education as one of our reasons. And now you get to tag 5 people and ask them the same question, if you feel like it.

  • Dr. Debs

    Thanks Gabriella. What a fun post. It’s interesting how many of us give education as one of our reasons. And now you get to tag 5 people and ask them the same question, if you feel like it.

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