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Catavino is Moving to Portugal!

Some of you may have heard whisperings that we were pondering a change of location in the next few months, but few may have anticipated a full on commitment to the idea. Alas, we are proud to announce that yes, in a few weeks time, we’ll become new residents of our neighbor to the west: Portugal.

Mind you, we are not giving up on Spain. We have spent 8 long fabulous years exploring its vineyards, appreciating its culture and making wonderful longterm friendships that we will continue to cultivate. As Porto is just a short hop over the meseta from Barcelona, we’ll return often, if only to ensure our Cava and Sherry levels don’t drop to dangerous lows. Ah the convenience of European travel!

So why the move? What’s the draw to that sexy little strip of land keeping Spain from the Atlantic? We’ve come up with 5 reasons we are excited to be moving to share with you!

  1. Port wine. Clearly, we love wine to the point that our cabinets are overflowing with various bottles, including Port. But somehow Port rarely gets cracked open because we’re not quite sure when another bottle might cross our path. On the flipside, if we’re in Portugal, a glass is sought out on a daily basis. It’s easier. It’s everywhere. And no meal ends without it, or so we like to imagine! Port’s not the only beverage we love in Portugal – think Portuguese wine. The diversity and quality has been one of Portugal’s best kept secrets, but together, we can now explore our new digs and uncover a host of fabulous new flavors.
  2. People. We adore people, and we’ve been fortunate enough to meet smiling faces from around the globe, and Portugal is no different. We’ve so enjoyed the continual warmth, caring and unprecedented kindess we’ve received upon our visits. To be honest, it’s rather addictive. Plus, as Midwesterners, we thoroughly attracted to the frequency of invitations into people’s homes for a glass of wine or a leisurely dinner. And with time, we hope to return the favor tenfold.
  3. Architecture. We believe that one of the most beautiful views in the world is when you wander over to Vila Nova de Gaia and look back at Porto. The hillside dances with colors, and presents a tableau that we look forward to enjoying as we nap on the shores of the Douro river. Combine that with the colorful tiles that adorn so many buildings throughout the city and you have the makings for a magical place. You simply cannot escape it. It’s raw, gritty and beautiful.
  4. Language. Neither of us are wizards at language. We stumble along, appreciating the process when we’re not butchering someone’s name . However, we have a secret weapon, Ryan. Ryan spent a year in Brazil, back in the day, and has felt a personal kindship to the language. Though a different creature to Spanish, Latin roots are Latin roots, and we are hoping that neither of us will be too challenged in switching from Spanish to Portuguese. Plus, how cool is it to have another language under your belt! Typical for many Europeans, but a fluke of nature for us Americans who rarely fly the multilingual flag.
  5. Food. Some of the best meals we’ve ever enjoyed were in Portugal. With a vibrant culture of grilled fish, and a global perspective on flavors, we’re excited play with the local flavors in the coziness of own kitchen. With Portugal’s influence of so many international cuisines, from the Orient’s adoption of Tempura to Feijoada’s infusion into both African and Brazilian cuisine, experimentation should come easily.

Clearly we’re excited to take yet another leap forward in our never-ending European journey to both explore the world and challenge ourselves by living and working in a new location. And with any luck, you’ll join us in Porto. Never hesitate to reach out and contact us if you’re in the area. It’s a fantastic, much-overlooked city for tourism and naturally we’ll be penning a Porto travel guide soon to highlight its charms and entice you all to come over! (And if you can’t afford to stay the 5-star Yeatman – where we recently enjoyed a delicious Michelin-starred dinner – then simply go for the more affordable option of Porto apartments!). Those of you who have visited us in Madrid, and most recently Barcelona, you’ll be familiar with our style – share a glass of wine with us, meander the streets or come visit the vineyards. The best way to explore a new land is to share the experience with others.


Ryan and Gabriella

  • thirstforwine

    Exciting times :)

  • Matt

    WOW Good luck guys. Hope I get to see you out there. My wife is a port addict. She may well be there before me

  • C P Fitzsimons

    Excellent decision! I’m sure you won’t regret it. I spent the best 3 years of my life living in Porto. Where exactly will you be based?

    • Ryan Opaz

      Still looking, but our top choice so far is near Boa Vista…time will tell.

      • C P Fitzsimons

        Nice. I’ll have to recommend some good cafes and restaurants (of which there are millions of course!) ;)

  • Jo Diaz


  • Richard Auffrey

    Congratulations and good luck!

  • Joe Roberts

    Nice! Don’t tell them you were honorary Spanish, they might not dig that so much there… ;-) Also – might be there in June… reunion????

    • gabriellaopaz


      • Joe Roberts

        Actually, looks like I need to ditch that June jaunt :(. But we’ll see… might have another opportunity sometime this year, will keep you posted!

  • Nico James

    Hope it proves fruitful and wish you both joy and the best of luck!

  • Emilio Saez van Eerd

    Dear Gabriella and Ryan, I think it is a very wise decision for you both! Porto is GREAT! (Okay, so was Barcelona) You understand that you will have to find yourselves a place with a rooftop. I definitely want to do rooftop tasting when I visit you in Porto ;-)

    • Ryan Opaz

      You guys always have an open invitation no matter where we are! Hope to share some wine together soon!

  • Ricardo Bernardo

    Muito bem!
    Quando é que vêm ao Algarve?

    • Ryan Opaz

      Ricardro we will be there as soon as we get settled! I can’t wait to come and visit and share some wines.

  • Mary H Goudie

    Always nice to have #winelover pals in Portugal’s second city, make sure you come down & see us often in Lisbon.

  • Tom Clarke

    Good luck, guys!

  • Justin Roberts

    Good luck! One of my favourite cities…

  • Ben

    Wow, I know we haven’t spoken for ages but I still often think about you guys – great to hear of a new adventure! Saludos from Madrid!

    • Ryan Opaz

      It’s been too long! Thanks for the good thoughts…And let’s catch up some time.

  • VinoPigro

    Well, all the best to you guys! Congrats for the choice, I love Porto!! May I wait for another EWBC (again) in Portugal, then? I missed the second one…

    • Ryan Opaz

      Maybe one day! :)

  • wineybrett

    Great news! You’re moving to a warm, friendly, lovely city – again, by the sea!

    • Ryan Opaz

      Yes and plenty of space for visitors we hope!

  • LuBraz

    …am I suppose to speak only in Portuguese with you guys ?? :-)
    Boa sorte nesta nova etapa de suas vidas!


    • Ryan Opaz

      sim, temos de falar somente em português

  • Roy Hersh

    Beyond marrying one another, this is likely the best decision you’ve ever made. Congratulations to both of you!

    • Ryan Opaz

      I think you’re probably right! :)

  • CarrieJorgensen (CortesdeCima)

    Bem-vindo a Portugal! Expect now we will be seeing more of you in Alentejo! :-)

    • Ryan Opaz

      We hope so too!

  • Dominique Roujou de Boubee

    Good to know that nobody obliged you to move to Portugal but it’s your decision, because you love this so nice country. Congratulations for it and be very happy. Don’t forget we’re almost neighbor, at 1h15 from Porto, in Baiona (Pontevedra) ;-) Cheers!

  • Mike

    Looking forward to continuing to follow you. We are in Sausalito which is the sister city of Cascais, not far from Lisbon.

  • João

    Ryan, I live in Porto and like to talk with you. Can you give your email please?

  • Vitor Mendes

    Well, I think I don’t have to tell you both how amazing will be to have you near us, in my city! And as you know, any help you need I’m more than available to help you with any issue. Welcome Ryan and Gabriella, or should I say welcome back?! :-)

  • charles

    Boa viagem! Hope you find a good roof, to live on and under.

  • Vineyard Adventures


  • Fabio (Vinos Ambiz)

    Congrats! Parabens! Enhorabuena! (and Auguri seeing as we’re at it!)

  • Bradley James Cooper

    The adventure continues! Bravo!

  • Vineyard Adventures

    Best of luck!

  • Erica Landin

    Awesome! May the three (!!!) of you have a lot and a lot of fun! I’ll visit if I may!

  • artpredator

    Sounds fabulous! I look forward to visiting you there!

  • Isabel

    I spent one year in Coimbra learning the language. It was 1996 and I did not know much about wine then, but I loved the people, the language, the food and the whole atmosphere. You’re right, Portugal is a great place to move to, so well done!