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Wine Blog Wednesday #23 – BBQ Wines

This week’s challenge for the 23rd Wine Blog Wednesday was hosted by Joel from Vivi’s Wine Journal who chose the theme: find wines that paired well with Barbecue. Now, as much as Ryan and I adore this theme, we feel a bit frustrated because “grilling” is not an easy task in the center of Madrid. Considering that we live on the fourth floor of a typical Madrileno building, “a grill” is not something that one sees commonplace when looking out upon the terraces surrounding the courtyard. Hence, Ryan decided to put upon his “creative chef” hat and cook everything we would typically cook on a grill, but just in the oven. We licked our fingers upon two different types of sausage, perfectly charred ribs and roasted potatoes. Unfortunately, our imaginations couldn’t extend to the point we we could create the feeling of soft wet grass under our feet, the sounds of crickets chirping in the background and a the sweet smell of summer. Sure, we miss those little nuances but having the World Cup playing in the background isn’t all bad.

Speaking of the World Cup, Ryan made a personal commitment last week to toast a glass of both French and Portuguese wine if both France and Portugal competed against one another. Hence, here we are with two glasses infront of us from not only two fantastic wine making countries, but two great football (okay, or soccer) teams as well.

As far as the wine and the pairings, both Ryan and I agreed that the pairings are a bit odd. Right out of the bottle, the French was a lush spicy fruit driven wine that made us both very happy, while the Portuguese wine lacked body and seemed a bit herbal. However, when we tried the wines with the spicy ribs and rich sausages, the Portuguese wine really shined while the French faded away.

Now that the final scores of the game are in, we can report that the French scored early, while the Portuguese lost after a tough fight up until the bitter end. An “authentic” BBQ would have been great with either one of these wines – both with a spicy richness in both wines to combat the heavy BBQ flavors, but for our Psuedo BBQ in the living room with the World Cup, it came down to a split: France for conversation and Portuguese for spicy rich melting meat pairings!

In the end, although the Portuguese made a brilliant comeback, the French are continuing on to the finals. On Sunday, we’ll be prepared to watch Italy and France with a glass from each team’s country excitedly anticipating the finale.

Thanks for another fun theme!

Till soon,

Ryan and Gabriella

<img src=”Duas Quintas

Ryan’s Notes:

  • N.V. Embres & Castelmaure Corbières La Jeep – France, Languedoc Roussillon, Languedoc, Corbières (7/5/2006)
    Dark in color. The nose on this is pure violets with rasp/black berries, pepper, earth and a rich spiciness. Lush and rich wine in the mouth with medium weight tannins, and good acidity. Pure fruit on the palate with strong and spicy finish. Really a nice little wine.

    4 grape
  • 2003 Ramos-Pinto Douro Duas Quintas – Portugal, Douro (7/5/2006)
    Deep in color with a strong violet nose that shows hints of black raspberry, black cherry, and liquorice. Strong firm tannins with a medium acidity in the mouth with a finish that sadly is a bit hollow. Lots of structure that paired well with some barbecued meats. The food really brought out the fruit that laid within.

    3.5 grape
La Jeep

Gabriellas Notes:

  • N.V. Embres & Castelmaure Corbières La Jeep – France, Languedoc Roussillon, Languedoc, Corbières (7/5/2006)
    Cranberry red with intense violet, white pepper and blackberry on the nose. Medium to light body and acidity. On the palate, intense spicy sensations that hit you right away tapering off to a slight peppery finish. Pepper, wood and berry on the finish. Delicious

    4.5 grape
  • 2003 Ramos-Pinto Douro Duas Quintas – Portugal, Douro (7/5/2006)
    Deep dark purple color. Black cherry and regaliz(liquorice) on the nose with a slight herbal hint to it. Medium body and acidity with a perfectly sweet creaminess. On the palate, slightly charred wood and black cherry notes. Finish is relatively short with a lovely spice. Personally, I thought this wine was a beautiful pairing with the “BBQ” flavors, toning down the spicy kick from the ribs, while bringing forth both tangy and sweet notes.

    4.5 grape

Note: Both wines were purchased at LaVinia here in Madrid. Duas Quintas was 10 euros, and La Jeep was 7 euros.