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Wine Blog Wednesday #38 Update with Some Extra Tidbits

Wine Blog Wednesday

Today is officially fall in Spain. Well, maybe not “officially”, but at least it feels that way. The leaves have begun to turn into that deep rustic redish-orange hue, the chilly wind nips at our noses leaving a small red imprint of its wake, and our pueblo is now silent as children work diligently in their classrooms – daydreaming of future vacations. Yet, October 1st is not only the messenger of cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery, but it is also the midway point of Wine Blog Wednesday. We now have only 10 days left before collecting your posts on a Portuguese Table wine.

Therefore, you have an opportunity get out there and taste everything from lush red Alentejo wines to cool bright Vinho Verdes. Go crazy and find a lesser known Portuguese sparkling wine, a white from Tras os Montes, or a native varietal like Baga, Bastardo or Labrusco. Any Portuguese Table wine will be accepted by October 10th, but those of you who want to go on a limb and find a wine from a lesser known region will get additional points. Those of you who pair your wine with Portuguese food or music, while sharing your experience with us, may even receive a virtual happy dance all the way from Terrassa, Spain. Finally, those of you who are trigger happy with your camera may contribute by sharing your photos at Wines of Spain and Portugal Flickr Group.

Please be aware that we’ve included an updated PDF as promised. Over the past two weeks, we’ve received word from several importers who were not included on the original packet. Hence, if you need some additional importers to contact, feel free to print out the PDF.

If you are an importer or Portuguese winery and would like to share you information with our readers, please post a comment on your wines and their availability below.

If you are still having trouble finding a Portuguese Table wine, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note and allow us to guide you in the right direction.

In other news, we have just created a Flickr group called Wine Harvest 2007 where you can upload photos of any harvest around the world. We’re hoping to build a rich and colorful collection of photos which we can all appreciate. So please, if you have a few photos, put them in, or if you know someone who has recently visited a winery during harvest, let them know of our project!

Gabriella and Ryan

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