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Wine Blogs Under the Microscope: Request Everyone to Participate in this Survey!

Wine blogs under the MicroscopeAlthough wine blogging is not a new endeavor, it is one that is lacking in thorough, meticulous research. Despite the fact that several wine bloggers, including ourselves, have attempted to gather information on the wine blogging community, these surveys cannot be chalked up to thorough and objective scientific research. The surveys were our best attempt to have a rudimentary understanding of both who we are as wine bloggers and the people who read them.

Tracy Rickman, a Consumer Research doctoral candidate at Auburn University is dedicating her dissertation to wine blogs as an information source. Today she comes to us with a very simple request, please fill out her survey on wine blogs to help her further her research. Her intentions are purely scientific, and participant information will, of course, be kept completely private.

Having taken the study myself, it took me no more than 10 minutes of my time. It’s fast, extensive and thought-provoking, if you take the time to consider each and every question. (Flickr photo by xmatt)

This survey is for everyone. Wine blog readers and wine bloggers alike are asked to participate. Clearly, the more diversity we get, the better. So please pass this on to everyone you know who values Wine Blogs.

Go here to take the survey and thanks to everyone who participates!! It means a lot to us! http://dbm.questionpro.com


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

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