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Wine Gadget Meme – We’ll go first

Inspired by a recent article in Wired that friend passed on to me, I want to start a silly little meme. In the article by Lore Sjöberg entitled Wonder Wine Gadgets That Would Win Over Geeks, Lore comes up with some geeky wine tools that may eventually find themselves wrapped up in a pretty little package with your name on it this Holiday season. My personal favorite from his list is the “Tooth-Mounted Flavor Sensor”, designed to decipher each and every flavor you experience while sipping your next wine!

So Wine Bloggers, what is your dream device? Something yet to be built or something that only Ralph Steadman’s head could create? Maybe you have an idea or a schematic already drawn up? Maybe this article has fostered a new side of you, you didn’t even know existed? Feeling a bit creative?!

Gabriella’s Idea:

Wine-o-Tron 5000

You’ve just had a fantastic tasting savoring some of the most prestigious wines of the world among a dozen of your closest wine aficionados. Looking at your watch, you’ve noticed the bell has struck 2am. You’re tongue tired, lips chapped, slightly loopy from the delectable evening and are now dreaming of your warm bed and soft sheets, but the evening isn’t over. On your marble counter top stand 40 Reidel glasses of every size and shape imaginable reflecting four large, mischievous cat eyes. If you don’t wash and put away all 40 glasses now, chances are slim you’ll find a handful in tact come morning.

Your choice: wash them by hand or get out your Wine-O-Tron 5000!

Wine-O-Tron 5000 is an automatic wine glass cleaning robot that easily fits in small closets or under your couch. Simply unfold, turn on, and watch your lipstick stained, garnacha tinted wine glasses get sparkling clean in a matter of minutes. Wine-O-Tron 5000 is so effective that it can: pick up each glass without breaking it, clean without using any abrasives or harsh chemicals that leave a stinky residue, and can put them away with both ease and grace.

Say “no” to broken wine glasses and chapped soapy hands, and say “yes” to Wine-O-Tron!

Ryan’s Idea:
Purple NO!

Purple teeth no more! Just done with a Vinography style marathon tasting? Have a mouth that is a deeper purple than the flight of Ridge Zin’s you just tasted? Pop a piece of this miracle gum in your mouth and you can “wash that purple right off of your gums!” After only ten minutes you will have gums that glow and teeth that shine. Best part is the counter tannin tongue massaging micro crystals, that bring life back into your tannin tortured tongue and again to a state of normalcy.

Now we ask you to create your own wine gadget. We’ve picked two bloggers to join us in this meme, Richard @ A Passionate Foodie and Jeff Stai @ Twisted Oak. When they’ve contributed, we ask that they elect two more wine bloggers. Let’s see how many bizarre wine gadgets we can come up with together just in time for the holiday season! 😉


Ryan and Gabriella

Oh and if you don’t have a blog, please leave your creation in the comments section of the site!

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