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Wine News Around the Web

Well, at this point, almost 2 weeks after I got the friggin head cold that wiped me out of commission, you would think it would be gone. You’d be wrong. While, I’m for the most part, concious and able to function, my sinuses and head are still off balance, not to mention the scratchy cough that won’t seem to leave me. UGH!!!! And to make matters worse, not only can’t I drink the great wines sitting on my wine rack, but I couldn’t even join my wife and our old roommate when they drank some wines from Mallorca. So instead of a great write up on a new region, or wine, or grape, or whatever resembles something I can actually taste, I’m passing the hat today to other wine bloggers and points of interest as we look to this week’s Wine around the Web.
I’ve been meaning to write about this incredible article on sherry for awhile now, but haven’t had time. Our friend, Steve Delong of the Delong wine chart, takes an in-depth look at one of my favorite beverages, sherry! Full of analysis, along with a list of tasting notes, it’s a great look at this often misunderstood beverage. With sherry season in the Opaz household about to begin, this article really got me excited for summer!

A new spanish wine blog has just hit the net. Mary O’Connor, a personal friend of ours based in Madrid, runs a wine school by the name of Planetavino. Taken from her wine schools website:

Mary is originally from Washington DC but settled in Madrid in 2002. She has been involved in the wine sector since 1992.  Her education started with the UCLA Vintage Program and culminated in 2001 when she obtained Wine Spirits and Education Trust (WSET) Diploma.  She has worked in wine retail sales and has been teaching wine classes since 2002. She is a member of the Union Española de Catadores (Spanish Wine-tasting Association) and the American Society of Wine Educators.

You may remember Mary from a Iberian wine dinner that we co-hosted with her last year; but even if you don’t, her blog is a great look at wine in general with a natural focus on the wines of Spain and Portugal. It is definitely worth you taking a moment to check her out!

As you all remember, we are working with the group, Salvaelduero.com to stop the construction of a highway through some of Ribera del Duero’s most pristine vineyards. As a part of this project, we are trying our hand at video editing for the first time ever. We still have a lot to learn, but we would love your thoughts on our first try at video blogging.

John and Dorthy

Other wine news hitting the press is the announcement of the “American Wine Blog Award Winners”. To all those who won, we want to raise our glass of Iberian wine in congratulations to a job well done! Let’s hope we all can keep up the good work.

Finally, don’t forget that this weekend is “ Open that Bottle Night.” Both Gabriella and I hope you all take time to do something fun for it. Personally, I just hope I’m feeling better so that I can actually appreciate the night. If I am up to speed, I have a special bottle of Californian wine saved that I think will pair well with some lamb. We’ll see if I feel good enough to whip something up.

Till soon,

Ryan Opaz

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