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I really love Catavino – it’s such an informative and innovative source of information on Spanish & Portuguese wines. The food of the region is key, but it’s just as vital to know about the great wines available too. This is the place to find out!
Jose Pizzaro

Wine News

To avoid having to come up with information every week for my “in the news” section, I decided to add a miniblog. Up in the upper right-hand corner lower right hand corner I have a rolling headlines area. Everytime I come across an interesting post or news item, I’ll stick it up there with the headline clickable to the original article. This is not to say that I won’t highlight articles that I think are very important. I’ll always post those on the main blog. This is rather for fun facts I find around the web.

Things I’m working on for this page include:

  • I just finished a big chunk of my Portuguese vocabulary. Same as the [Spanish ones in early articles->], words in portuguese spoken by a native Portguese friend of mine. I’ll hopefully get up a short sample this week.
    Example #1 – Vinho RegionalRegional Wines – A step up from Vinho de Mesa in the portuguese wine hierarchary. []
  • My wife has returned early from her guiding, unfortunatly this was due to a broken foot. On the other hand this means she’s have a chance to start writing again. Look for an explanation of the Spanish DO system soon.
  • Interviews, I have a couple new ones to get up soon, and in the next week or two I’ll be heading up to Toro to interview some up and coming wine makers.

So stay tuned, more to come soon. For now check out this article I found on the [Basque News and Information Channel->], more confirmation that La Rioja is a great place to visit. Check it out.

Till soon, Ryan Opaz