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Make sure to look at this survey on the blog FERMENTATIONS. Not only is it informative, but it also really opened my eyes as to the perspective people have about Spanish wines. Of the 216 people who took the survey, you can be sure that every single one probably has enjoyed wine on a somewhat regular basis. I suggest reading the entire article, but I would like to point out a few numbers for you:

-Spain walks away with the award for most intriguing wines. Nearly 60% said they definitely want to learn more about this country’s wines. Italy is not far behind.

Not bad! I would have to agree that with 63 DOs (and this number is growing), and almost as many unheard of grapes as Italy, Spain certainly is “intriguing”. My top 3 picks for both “up and coming” regions and “new grapes to look out for” (in no particular order) are:



Ask to choose three countries with the best value, 50% looked to Spain, perhaps explaining why so many wanted to learn more about that country’s wines. No other country really comes close, though Australia, supposedly the “value continent” comes in with 38% naming it as full of value

Once again, I can’t argue. When I sold wine back in the States, I was constantly asked where the best values come from in the wine world. My answer was always Spain. Their price to value ratio is off the charts. Heck, while living here, I have tasted a 1 Euro 80 cents white wine from the VT (Vino de la Tierra) of Madrid that blew me away.

§         2004 Vinos Jeromín Vega Madroño – Spain, Madrid (6/9/2005)
Can’t say I’ve had much Malvar or Airen but this wine makes me wish I had. 60% Malvar, 40% Airen, this is truly a “find. Pale yellow with brilliant clarity. The nose is of peach flesh and includes a slight floral touch. Med weight in the mouth with a medium acid component. It is crisp and vibrant on the palate. Soft fruit shows in the mouth, with light melon, some green table grape flavors and a delicate floral finish. The palate is slightly off-dry and the finish cleanses your mouth, leaving you with a pleasant fruit forward after taste. At 2 euros a bottle, why not have more! c5a12t15o7=89

4 grape

(alt score=4)

All in all a great poll with some interesting results. Keep up the great work Tom.

Till soon, Ryan

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