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Wine Tasting notes – 4 Light whites

I have a few more tasting notes coming along with an interview with one of the Bodegas that was in attendance. But for now here are a few notes from the wine tasting I was at on Tuesday. Mostly light white wines that didn’t do much to impress me, but I believe all of the following are availble in the UK and USA. Don’t quote me on that!
Tomorrow I promise part two in the Bartholomew Broadbent interview.
Till soon, Ryan Opaz

white wine
  • 2004 Bodega Jesús Nazareno S.C.G. Orense Viña Abad Blanco Joven – Spain, Galicia, Orense (11/10/2005)
    Godello is the grape. Soft gold in color. The nose presents mushroom, wet earth, light lime, and as weird as it seems, buttery grass! Off-dry to sweet in the mouth the acidity is medium. Light peach, lime, and grass, though it seems like reduction played a part in this wine.

    2.5 grape
  • 2004 ViñaOliva Macabeo Ribera del Guadiana Zaleo Joven – Spain, Extremadura, Ribera del Guadiana (11/10/2005)
    Light in color the nose shows mushroom and sweet peach fruit. It is light in mouth with pear and peach being the main flavors and a mild acidity. The finish show some floral notes.

    2.5 grape
  • 2005 Coop. San Isidro Labrador Airen Clearly Organic – Spain, Castilla-La Mancha (11/10/2005)
    Clear in color. The nose shows sweet aromas with green peach and mango flavors. In the mouth it is fully dry with strong acidity. Flavors of light sweet peach and soft fruit flavors. Nice pleasant summer sip.

    3 grape